By Sunil Kumar


With Google’s Knowledge Graph in the offing, Yahoo is taking aim with a new browser enhancement it calls “Axis.” The software alters browsers made by other companies to display search results in a more convenient and visual format.

A device running Axis can display search results in a panorama of visual thumbnails that can be scrolled through above a Web page.

Two weeks ago, Microsoft Corp. previewed an upcoming change that will spread Bing’s search results in three columns, including one devoted to personalized recommendations pulled from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking services.

Last week, Google unveiled a new search feature called a “Knowledge Graph” that seeks to provide more immediate answers by highlighting information from a database containing more than 500 million entries about people, places and other commonly requested things.

The company has relied on Bing’s technology since 2010 as part of a ten year partnership formed to wean customers from Google. So far, most of Bing’s gains have come at Yahoo’s expense, but Yahoo had been losing search traffic well before it began leaning on Bing.

Yahoo’s share of the U.S. search market stood at 13.5 percent through April, down from nearly 25 percent five years ago, according to  comScore Inc, the research firm.

300px Yahoo%21 Chart Yahoo Set To Revamp Search

Visit This chart shows the relative percentage, by number of search results on Yahoo!, the abundance of certain names for the Second Lebanon war on the internet. The spelling of "Hezbollah" was varied to "Hizbollah" and "Hizbullah" as well, in order to account for spelling differences. Additionally, the word "wikipedia" was excluded from all search results in order to avoid circular reference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bing holds a 15.4 percent share, up from 9.4 percent five years ago when Microsoft operated a search engine under a different name and system. Google’s share has climbed from 56 percent five years ago to more than 66 percent now.


 Yahoo Set To Revamp Search
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