By Sunil Kumar

According to calculations made by a Harvard theorist, as the universe expands, future cosmologists will know even less. So, the best time to study the universe was billions of years ago.

The wonder of creation and mythology is also evident when correlated with scientific calculations. The theory postulates that our universe is just one of many in a pool of bubbles according to physicists. This idea is very similar to the creation of the world idea in Hindu mythology, Brahma, Vishnu and the Trimurti in many universes.

Now to the actual theory, why is the past the best time to study the universe? There are actually two competing stages to study the

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cosmos. During the young universe the cosmic horizon is closer to you, and as the universe gets older you can see more of it due to light having more time to travel. As time goes by, however, matter collapses. This stage “muddies the water” of the cosmic sea because you misplace reminiscence of original conditions of minute scales.

According to Loeb by observing hydrogen at large distances, we can map how matter was distributed at the early times of interest. When it reaches 10 and 100 times the current age, it could be even more difficult. So, there is some point in philosophy and other theories. Anyways, the world is merely an abstraction anyways.


 The Universe and Cosmologists
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