By Aglaia Staff

Salman Khan has a huge fan base. Jai Ho is Salman’s release after one and a half year i.e after Ek Tha Tiger and all of Salman’s fans have been waiting with baited breath to see the first trailer of favorite star’s film. 

Salman’s social networking sites have been a buzz. The fans also contributed in making the digital poster of the film by Salman has further extended the chance for his fans who can join him at the trailer launch at Chandan Cinema’s Juhu.

The makers have also gone a step ahead to cater to the fans sitting at home. The trailer will be played across Star Network at 9.00pm today, Thursday. 

Salman’s fans can catch the trailer simultaneously while it is getting launched. Taking a road block on a channel group is one of the big marketing ideas by the makers. 
They are keen to cater to the wide television network and even in that Star is one of the leading groups. The idea has not effectively been tapped by any film. 
It gives the audiences a chance to catch the trailer first hand. The fans have been waiting for the film and the makers have ensured they get their due share. 

 Unique Marketing Idea For Salman Khans Jai Ho
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