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By Sunil Kumar


The largest city in the Swiss confederation, Zurich is the financial centre and the portal to the Alps. The country is reputed around the world as a banking hub. It  is also trendy, vibrant and graceful.

For people who enjoy the finer things in life, the city is interesting. Both the historically inclined and the fashion-conscious can benefit. As an Indian, our country definitely has oodles and dollops of history. But, Zurich and Switzerland are some of the best places in Europe.

With a Central European location, the most convenient access to the place is via Kloten airport. This is approximately 15 minutes from the city centre. The Swiss Federal Railway also connects the country. Also, the Swiss are quite prompt compared to some other countries in the continent.

With numerous Bollywood movies shot there, Switzerland is a familiar sight.  You can visualize Dev Anand in a train, Govinda jumping, or Rani Mukherjee giggling. I can also remember Jeremy Brett and Eric Porter, Holmes and Watson at the Reichenbach falls in the “Adventure of the Final Solution”. What is this about?. Holmes meeting Professor Moriarty, the nemesis and evil opponent of Sherlock Holmes.

Albert Einstein also lived in Zurich for some time and studied at the ETH. It is where he came up with his theories of relativity. For those of you who are more inclined to go shopping, there are plenty of luxury brands on Bahnofstrasse.

The charm of Switzerland, in my opinion is quaint old-style buildings with a dash of modernity. What for people who are more into an alternative lifestyle? I guess the country has its share of options. This is true for all of Europe, and the Europeans and Americans know better.

A relaxed stroll through the city can reveal interesting things at corners; architecture, history and wonderful visual treats. Some  museums are the Kunsthaus Zurich, Tonhalle Zurich and the Museum Reitberg. Interesting place to visit.

Useful Information


Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Alemannic dialects, known as Schwiizertüütsch (Swiss German), are spoken in public and private life in Switzerland. Zurich is located in the German speaking part. English is widely spoken in hotels, restaurants and shops.

The Swiss Franc is the currency of Switzerland. It is denoted with the abbreviation CHF or, alternately, SFr. or Fr. Switzerland is not a member of the European Union (EU). Shops may accept Euros as well as the Franc.

Visa Information

A visa is required for entry into Switzerland for nationals of many countries.

Shop Opening Hours
City of Zurich: Monday-Friday 09h00-18h30/20h00, Saturday 09h00-16h00/18h00
Zurich Main Railway Station, Railway Station Zurich Stadelhofen and Zurich Airport: Monday-Friday 08h00-21h00, Saturday-Sunday 08h00-20h00.

The current used throughout Switzerland is 230 Volts (AC), 50 cycles. Most power sockets are designed for three-pin round plugs. The standard continental type plug with two round pins, applied for many electrical travel products. This may be used without problem. Many hotels provide adaptors for laptops and battery chargers.

The Zurich Main Railway Station has Intercity trains departing to popular Swiss destinations and European cities as frequently as every 30 minutes.

The city pass Zurich Card includes travel around Zurich, including the airport, and a variety of offers and reductions in Zurich.

Public Transport
Zurich has excellent public transport. In the city, buses and tramways run every few minutes. In addition, S-Bahn trains run every 15 to 30 minutes. The same ticket can be used on tramways, buses, S-Bahn trains and ships within the city of Zurich (Fare Zone 10).

Location and Arrival
Location: Zurich is located in the heart of Europe, at the center of Switzerland, 409 m (1,342 ft) above sea level.
Zurich International Airport has direct connections to over 150 destinations, is just a 10-minute train ride from the city center.



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