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theatre absolute  city stories 300x203 Theatre Vis a Vis FilmAs an ardent admirer of creativity, let me and us try and understand some differences in theatre vis-a-vis film. I encourage anybody to write a comment here on what they found most profoundly moving in theatre vis-a-vis film which most of us watch.

There are two common themes in theatre and film:

1) The Telling of a story

2) Revealing the Character….

Everything in life is theatre, of the absurd, the profane, the realistic or the true. It is the foundation of all the drama everybody watches, in the movies, in television, in films, and of course real life. Our existence is a stage and all the men and women are players, so say the Mahabharata or Shakespeare.

Abhijnanashakuntalam, The Hundred Plays, and Oedipus Rex

Categories were established by ancient civilizations including the Indians, the Greeks, the Chinese etc. Sometimes, the sheer excitement of an event makes us excited, often so merging with the story, the time or the place that we transcend our normal lives, becoming part of the script itself. For my Mumbai brand of idiots, Bollywood also has profoundly inspired our psyches so that we inadvertently have become somewhat like the people on screen in some ways.

As for theatre, the classical structure of Western theatre or old Sanskrit plays were instrumental in the melange we see today. It is actually sort of a bastardization, a corruption, but hey that’s normal life for you.

Show Business

I want to cover theatre and film in this section, so let me examine what theatre and film are for my own sake and yours.

Performers, Audience, Director, Design elements or Dramatic action as embodied in most texts. A Western play has action, conflicts, a plot apparently, opposing forces, balancing forces and unities, of action, place and time. In simple words, a single strand of thought running throughout the idea. But, hey life nowadays is fuzzy logic, so let’s have fun. Till the next post.


300px Globe theatre london Theatre Vis a Vis Film

Shakespeare's Globe, London (rebuilt 1997) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 Theatre Vis a Vis Film
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