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I wake up, then I put my makeup. Just kidding, I am sometimes a bearded man, sometimes clean-shaven, and I despise any false ornaments, unlike some friends from the East and the South. The Lit Fest column is dedicated to literature, and the finer aesthetic sensibilities that get squashed living in the world of the self-obsessed people.

Sunil walks in the road close to his hotel. There is a strange cacophony of noises, auto and cycle rickshaws and the city Metro getting constructed close by.

I had seen the Diggi palace, the place where this festival was supposed to take place at night. My cousin tells me it is owned by a person with her name, Jyotika which gives her some bragging rights. A strange sea of expectation in my brain, I really want to understand how the whole place works and whether it would be really exciting.

Used to the partially metered existence of Mumbai, I find this city and its urban transport rather different. After I get into a massive auto with a turbaned moustached man, I see the sights and sounds of the land of the Rajputs.

The Maharaja and the Maharani colleges are standing neck-to-neck in competition on opposite sides of the road. I get close to the venue, where there is a police cordon. They need to protect our noble citizens from terrorists, within and without.

The first act: I head straight to the registration counter. As I had done some formalities online, the willing volunteer issues me with a pass(Applicable for all 4 days: he says, issued by HCL, another one of India’s technology majors or sweatshops with some narcissistic head, I am sure.)

So yours truly gets into the venue. My life is a truthful reflection of my own contradictory urges and ideas that sometimes make me despondent and sometimes extremely happy.

The Tata Steel front lawns. Some people working on their laptops, a few foreigners and locals have made their way early to the first day of the literary carnival.

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