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By Sunil Kumar


60 Terabyte Hard Disks Possible, Says Seagate

Seagate has announced the next generation of hard disks, which promises to astronomically increase the size of today’s storage mechanisms.

With a storage density 55% more than the current disks, the firm believes that the technology has more bits per square inch than the Milky Way has stars. Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording will overhaul today’s perpendicular magnetic systems.

Getting to the real inside stuff: Currently data is stored in bits that contain hundreds of cobalt-platinum grains representing a 1 or a 0. Engineers shrink the grains and the bits. As per current technology, any further shrinking will make things flip between 1 and 0 room temperature and can be detrimental.

Apart from Seagate, other manufacturers also plan to solve the problem using an integrated laser to heat bits and record data. After this is achieved, the future implications will be interesting to watch.




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