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Whatsapp, BBM, FB Chat Under SEBI Scanner

By Aglaia Staff

Popular messaging app, WhatsApp, which is being acquired by Facebook, is under the Sebi scanner along with other instant messaging platforms such as BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook chat for being used to spread price-sensitive information about stocks. 

“Sebi plans to take stringent action to check the risks of new smartphone messaging services,” said a regulatory source. 

Traders, possibly working as a cartel, are using these platforms for insider trading, front running 

and other manipulative activities, said market sources.

For instance, a market operator buys a stock and then leaks price-sensitive information about it on instant messaging and social media platforms, leading to the stock running up sharply, at which point the operator exits his positions with huge profits.

Stock brokers and fund managers are prohibited from using mobile phones inside dealing rooms to receive orders from clients and fund 

to receive orders from clients and fund houses and brokerage firms are required to maintain client call records for inspection by Sebi.

But many brokers and money managers have been found to be active on social messaging platforms and other Web-based groups while placing orders, market sources said.

Globally, some of the leading banks and financial institutions are clamping down on use of such platforms inside the dealing rooms.




 Whatsapp, BBM, FB Chat Under SEBI Scanner
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Internet Industry Irked By Government Interference

300px James L. Connaughton  Internet Industry Irked By Government Interference

Visit aglaia.co.in James L. Connaughton, Chairman, Council on Environment Quality, The White House, addressed Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) members at a meeting in New Delhi, August 22, 2006. (Image For James L. Connaughton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Sunil Kumar


India‘s supportive vote for International Telecom Union’s proposals to a UN-backed body to regulate internet has irked the stakeholders in local internet industry, which has warned government to refrain from voting in ITU on issues other than telecom.


Earlier this month, ITU, a body under United Nations for the first time introduced proposals seeking to define spam, and cyber fraud in a way that would have brought the some aspects of regulating the ‘international network‘ under its ambit. While India is yet to sign off on the proposals, the state’s public posturing indicated a supportive stand.


“ITU should only focus on telecom sector and not get into information and communication technology as they have tried to do through the Dubai convention last week,” said Subho Ray President of Internet and Mobile Association of India. IAMAI has Indian arms of multinational internet firms such as Ebay, Google, Facebook and Yahoo! as members.


The proposals have also created an international stand-off with US, UK and other large European economies rejecting the need for such UN-backed regulation of the internet, while Russia, China and United Arab Emirates found it useful to have such control. Some analysts have even called it the new cold war.


The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Cellular Operators Association of India have also asked the government not to support ITU proposals, as it fears it would put curbs on internet usage.


“It is now well recognised that law enforcement agencies can misinterpret language even when it is not intended – Mumbai arrest of the two girls being a case in point,” FICCI and COAI said in a joint submission. The proposals, they said, would create new binding legal obligations on member states that may be in conflict with national sovereignty.


“Defining spam requires making content-based determinations; a treaty-based obligation could lead to India having to cooperate with other countries on controlling political or commercial speech,” the associations cautioned.


Industry is also not enthused about ITU’s proposals to bring regional internet exchanges under its ambit as it would give the UN body a role in overseeing commercial agreements for Internet traffic exchanges, according to Rajan S Mathews, director general at COAI, which counts AirtelBSE 2.78 %, Vodafone, and Reliance CommunicationsBSE 1.30 %.


The Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) says any UN body on internet governance, even if formed, should completely keep itself out of content-related matters.


“I think a UN body should be formed only if it involves multiple stakeholders including private sector, and not only governments as has been the case with UN bodies,” said Rajesh Chharia, ISPAI president.



 Internet Industry Irked By Government Interference
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Facebook Launches Mobile Ad Version

By Neelam Kumar

300px The social network.svg Facebook Launches Mobile Ad Version

Visit aglaia.co.in (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook Inc is making it easier for advertisers to reach the growing ranks of users on smartphones and mobile devices, taking a significant step toward addressing one of investors’ most pressing concerns and broadening its appeal to marketers.

The company, which has seen revenue growth slow in past few months, began letting marketers craft ads destined specifically for mobile versions of the No. 1 social network on Tuesday. It’s also letting advertisers direct ads into users’ news feeds.



 Facebook Launches Mobile Ad Version
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Facebook Announces App Center

By Sunil Kumar

Facebook users who haven’t yet discovered the joys of FarmVille or plugged in to the sounds of Spotify will be getting an easier way to find apps that run on the site.


4561v1 max 450x450 Facebook Announces App Center

Image via CrunchBase

The site has unveiled Facebook App Center, a clearinghouse for social apps that sounds a lot like Apple’s online store. And while most will likely remain free (with some making money through in-game purchases), Facebook will also now allow paid apps on the site.

 Facebook Announces App Center
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Singaporeans Spend 19% Of Time On Social Networking

dsc6444jpg 300x200 Singaporeans Spend 19% Of Time On Social Networking

Aglaia.co.in and Singapore

By Sunil Kumar

The people in Singapore spend the most time on their mobile gadgets on social-networking sites, not counting texting and making calls, according to a survey.

Apart from the 100 minutes they spend a day using their devices, they spend 19 per cent of the time accessing sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Other salient findings of the survey:

They also spend 18 per cent of the time playing games on their cellphones or tablets, and another 18 per cent on activities like watching videos or listening to music.[

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Instagram Sees A 10-Million User Increase

By Sunil Kumar

After launching an Android version, and the headline-grabbing billion dollar acquisiton, Instagram has now passed the 40 million mark.

Creating an account requires downloading the app, and going through the setup process. Although it does not have any concrete revenue stream yet, Instagram’s user base is expanding.

8 de cada 32 fotos son con instagram 300x170 Instagram Sees A 10 Million User Increase

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