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Talwars Challenge Their Conviction In High Court

By Aglaia Staff

Rajesh and Nupur Talwar today moved the Allahabad High Court against a CBI court order awarding them life sentence for the murder of their 14-year-old daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj.

The petition filed by the couple is likely to come up before a bench for hearing on Thursday.

The couple had been sentenced to life imprisonment by a special CBI court at Ghaziabad on November 26, 2013.

Aarushi was found dead, with her throat slit, inside the Talwars’ Noida residence in May, 2008. Hemraj, who had gone missing, was initially suspected of being involved in the crime until his body was recovered from the terrace a day later.

The sensational case was handed over to the CBI following outrage over the handling of the matter by the Uttar Pradesh police.

The trial court had pronounced its judgement accepting the probe agency’s submission that the couple had killed Aarushi and Hemraj in a fit of rage after finding them in an “objectionable position”.


 Talwars Challenge Their Conviction In High Court
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Beware! Drug-And-Loot Gangs On Delhi Metro

By Aglaia Staff

A 47-year-old woman was scared of getting on an escalator. Another woman in her mid 30s befriended her while helping her get on to an escalator at a Metro station. They travelled together in the same Metro train later.

The next thing the 47-year-old remembers is waking up at a park in Rohini and realizing that she had been drugged and robbed of her belongings.

A menace plaguing the Indian Railways network for long, the infamous drug-and-loot gangs seem to have started targeting passengers on Delhi Metro too. The gangs, against who repeated announcements at railway stations ask passengers to guard against and not accept any food or beverages from, have spread fear among Metro commuters prompting Delhi Police to come out with a list of name of members of such bands. The cops claimed that the gangs mostly targeted elderly people travelling alone in the Metro.

“We have prepared a list of 80 persons, of which at least a dozen are women. They are the ones who have been involved in cases of drugging in Indian Railways network as well. The booklet carrying the photograph and other important details of the gang member has been circulated among the staff. This will help them in identifying the suspects moving in and around the Metro station,” a senior police officer said.

Interestingly the police have found that the gang zeroed down on target going to religious places near the Metro stations. “They identify the target, mostly elderly travelling alone, while they are exiting a Metro station. One of the gang members is a woman, who is then sent to befriend the victim and travel with them,” the officer added. In the 47-year-old woman’s case, the victim had gone to the Shish Ganj Gurdwara, which is near the Chandni Chowk Metro station.

The 30-year-old woman in that case followed her and started talking to her near the escalator. “The woman was robbed of her purse, gold bangles and chain. In her statement she gave the description of the woman, with whom she travelled. She had no idea when was she drugged and dumped near a school in Rohini,” the officer further said.

The woman who robbed her was said to be wearing a coat and jeans. Police have also taken details from the CCTV cameras installed at the Metro station.


 Beware! Drug And Loot Gangs On Delhi Metro
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1.5 Crore People Of Delhi Will Run Government

By Aglaia Staff

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal had called upon the Aam Aadmi (common man) come to the Ramlila Maidan in large numbers for the oath taking ceremony of his cabinet and they surely didn’t disappoint him.

It was a sea of white caps and Tricolour at the Ramlila Maidan which was packed to its capacity as Kejriwal and his ministers came to take oath.

The Ramlila Maidan, which was witness to the Jan Lokpal agitation in 2011, was witness to another history when leaders of a year-old party formed government in Delhi. People had reached ground by 8 am but the crowd started filling in only around 10 and by 11.30 the ground was almost packed. The strong crowd of 60,000 was dancing all along and raising slogans for the party.

The ceremony started with Kejriwal’s oath followed by his ministers and was over in less than 20 minutes. And then Kejriwal came on mike amidst huge cheers from public who were eagerly waiting for his address.

Kejriwal in his speech, started with his trademark Bharat Mata ki Jai, announced that today people of Delhi have become CM and ministers. “It is not Kejriwal who took oath today but it is the common man…it is the victory of the common man,” he said, adding “the road to truth is not easy but full of thorns and we will face all future challenges”.

“We are not here to grab power but to give governance back in the hands of people. Now, 1.5 crore people of Delhi will run the government,” he said.

Kejriwal also struck a chord with them when he announced formation of an anti-bribe helpline. “If anyone asks you for bribe for doing any of your legitimate work then don’t refuse … tell him you will pay and then inform us … we will catch him red handed,” said Kejriwal 

The telephone number which would be made functional by mid next week would be to receive complaints against officials demanding bribe will function under the chief minister’s office.

“In most likelihood, a senior rank officer will head it,” sources informed Sources said that “exact modalities are being worked out and specific details will be out within two days as promised by Kejriwal.”

According to a senior Delhi government official, the complaint received on that anti-bribe helpline will be monitored by the anti-corruption bureau (ACB) of the Delhi government. ACB comes under the home ministry, which is with the new chief minister.

He also reached out to Delhi BJP leader Dr Harsh Vardhan. He asked honest BJP and Congress leaders to rise above party lines and work with the AAP.

The Congress, which is supporting the AAP from outside, was absent from the function.


 1.5 Crore People Of Delhi Will Run Government
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Kejriwal’s Young Cabinet

By Aglaia Staff

After having set a precedent of sorts by refusing a bungalow; Arvind Kejriwal will be sworn in and go in for a floor test(a vote of political importance) on Jan 3. Here is his cabinet; and their qualifications. If there is one thing Kejriwal has proved; it is the fact that the Aam Aadmi can defeat established interests. But, how far this translates into the real thing remains to be seen.


Manish Sisodia, 41: Was associated with Zee News and All India Radio. Quit journalism to participate in the agitation for Right to Information. Key member of the team that led the Jan Lokpal movement. Was in jail with Anna Hazare during the anti-graft agitation.

2. Somnath Bharti, 39: A post-graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology and a lawyer. Defended activists on whom false cases were slapped during protests that broke out after the Delhi gang rape. Former President and Secretary of the IIT Alumni Association.

3. Satyendra Kumar Jain, 49: An architect by profession, he was working with CPWD. Quit and joined the Jan Lokpal movement. Helped Chitrakoot- based social organisation Drishti that works for visually impaired girls.

4. Rakhi Birla, 26: Was a journalist with a private news channel before joining Aam Aadmi Party. Has been involved in fighting for the cause of the Dalits.

5. Saurabh Bhardwaj, 34: An engineer by profession, he fought legal battle to secure justice for a poor rape survivor. Became a lawyer to provide legal help to such victims, the visually impaired, and senior citizens, among others.

6. Girish Soni, 49: A former youth activist with the Janwadi Naujawan Sabha, he participated in Bijli Pani Andolan of the Aam Aadmi Party.


 Kejriwals Young Cabinet
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Two Minor Earthquakes Hit Delhi; Strong Tremors Hit NCR

By Aglaia Staff

Strong tremors were felt in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) after two earthquakes hit the city within an hour of each other today.

The first earthquake occurred at 12:41 am, resulting in tremors lasting for three-four seconds in parts of the national capital.

300px Delhi districts.svg Two Minor Earthquakes Hit Delhi; Strong Tremors Hit NCR

Visit aglaia.co.in Visit Districts of Delhi, with Narela in the North West Delhi district. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The earthquake measuring 3.1 at the Richter scale hit after 12.30 a.m (local time) here. The epicentre of the earthquake feels to be in the national capital territory. However, we are still analysing the data,” an Indian Meterological Department (IMD) official told IANS.

An hour later, at 1:41 am, strong tremors were felt in Delhi and adjoining satellite cities Noida and Ghaziabad after another quake measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale struck the NCR.

Many in the national capital rushed out of their houses after the tremors.

“We felt the earthquake we are very scared. So we have come out of our homes,” said Mahesh.

“We felt the tremors four times. We have come out. The children are afraid,” said Deepak.

Micro-blogging site Twitter has been abuzz with tweets on tremors.

“Yes, tremors in Delhi just a minute ago. Like thunder coming from the ground!” tweeted Jamal Shaikh.

“This must be the strongest earthquake tremor I have ever felt. It was like the earth shivering. #Delhi (sic)” tweeted a person with Twitter handle @DilliDurAst.


 Two Minor Earthquakes Hit Delhi; Strong Tremors Hit NCR
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Jaipur Literature Festival – This Year

By Sunil Kumar

The cerebral orgy has ended. According to the organizers and sources, there were nearly 200,000 footfalls this year, compared to the 120,000 last year. As I sum up my impressions of this year, I would like to state that despite all the controversies, the fest is a trailblazer of sorts as it has spawned a slew of similar events across the country.

The music in the JLF this year was tacky; compared to the lively beat we had last year. Also, a delectable tall blonde(or a brunette, I don’t remember) who was at the Tata Steel Front Lawns last year had mysteriously disappeared. The lady vanishes, perhaps! Now, for the pros and cons of the event, compared to the overhyped visit of Oprah last year, His Holiness the Dalai Lama was distinctly mild, rational, humble and gave simple, ethical practical advice. I am about to post a video of his talk on my YouTube channel, in case any of you who read this want to see it.

Flashback: in case my memory of this year fades away in a few seconds. “The Roots of Yoga” session with David White, Jim Mallinson, Mark Singleton and Birad Rajaram Yajnik attempted to project Hindu mystical ways as a universal belief system. David White gave a detailed historical perspective on the roots of one of India‘s most famous cultural exports. For anybody familiar with the idea as defined in our shastras; Patanjali‘s “Yoga Sutras” are considered by many to be the “Bible”. The long discussion attempted to project Yoga as a way of life; that could be enriched by more global contact.

Ruchir Sharma, Edward Luce and Gurcharan Das waxed eloquently on India’s trajectory in the “Inspite of the Gods Revisited” Session. While Gurcharan Das pointed out the lacunae in the country’s growth story, Luce gave a slightly different perspective. Both of them seemed to agree that India’s soft power and intellectual process lay in its freedom of expression and ability to deliberate. Although this can sound a bit farcical with all the bans around, the session was enlightening due to the passion of the speakers and the participating audience.

More updates on iqmathgames.co.in and this portal in some time!

300px Jaipur Column at Rashtrapati Bhavan%2C New Delhi Jaipur Literature Festival   This Year





 Jaipur Literature Festival   This Year
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Indian Army To Respond Immediately If…

300px Flag of Indian Army.svg Indian Army To Respond Immediately If...

Visit aglaia.co.in English: Flag of Indian Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Aglaia Staff

India‘s army chief accused Pakistan on Monday of planning a shootout along Kashmir‘s de facto border in which two Indian soldiers died, and said he had instructed commanders to respond aggressively if there is a provocation from the other side.

“The attack on January 8 was premeditated, a pre-planned activity. Such an operation requires planning, detailed reconnaissance,” General Bikram Singh told a news conference in New Delhi.

Gen Singh said that the beheading of two Indian soldiers in the Pakistan army attack was unacceptable and against all rules of engagement.

“I expect all my commanders at the Line of Control to be both aggressive and offensive in the face of provocation and fire,” he added, He was speaking about an hour before commanders from both sides on the so-called Line of Control (LoC) dividing the Himalayan territory were due to hold talks to defuse tension after a week that saw two soldiers killed on each side. It was the most serious outbreak of violence in Kashmir since India and Pakistan agreed a ceasefire nearly a decade ago

India’s response to Pakistani firing at its posts in LoC in Jammu and Kashmir was “measured and perfect,” he said.

India reserved its right to retaliate against Pakistan at the time and place of its choice, won’t remain passive when attacked, the army chief said ahead of Indo-Pak flag meeting.

On the issue of India upholding the ceasefire, he said that the army would do so as long as adversary upholds it.

Directions were given to army commanders to respond immediately if provoked, he said.

The army chief offered his hearfelt condolences to the family of the 2 jawans who were brutally killed on the Indian side of the LoC.



 Indian Army To Respond Immediately If...
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Dhawan Century Assists Delhi in Defeating England

300px Delhi districts.svg Dhawan Century Assists Delhi in Defeating England

Visit aglaia.co.in Districts of Delhi, with Narela in the North West Delhi district. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Sunil Kumar

Shikhar Dhawan stroked a brilliant century as Delhi defeated England by six wickets. This was the second consecutive loss for England in their warm-up matches and this gives them a lot of headaches ahead of the first ODI which begins on January 11th.

300px Kieswetter keeping wicket against Australia%2C 2010 Dhawan Century Assists Delhi in Defeating England

Visit aglaia.co.in England vs Australia ODI - Oval 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kevin Pietersen was rested for this match and England opted to bat after winning the toss. They got off to a good start with Ian Bell scoring at a confident rate. Alastair Cook chipped in with a confident 44 before he was sent back by Sumit Narwal. The feature of the England innings was a 113 run partnership for the fourth wicket between Bell and Eoin Morgan. Morgan was at his attacking best as he smashed 52 off 55 balls. Bell, who scored a fine 91 in England’s first warm-up game against India A at Palam, scored a wonderful century to continue his good form. Craig Kieswetter finished things off in style by blazing an aggressive 41 off 27 balls as England notched up 294/5.

The Delhi attack featured Parwinder Awana and Ashish Nehra but their bowling looked ordinary. The pick of the Delhi bowlers Varun Sood who picked up 3/45 in his 10 overs.

Delhi were faced with a huge task ahead but Unmukt Chand and Shikhar Dhawan got the team off to a great start. The opening pair notched up 70 runs before Chand was dismissed for 37 by James Tredwell. The Delhi team lost some quick wickets before Milind Kumar joined Dhawan and steadied the ship.

Dhawan was at his authoritative best and took the attack to the England pace bowlers. He drove the pace quartet of Steven Finn, Dernbach, Meaker and Chris Woakes through the covers. The moment the pacers dug it in short he was quickly into position to play the pull shot.

Milind Kumar, at the other end, showed a lot of maturity and paced his innings to perfection. Whether it was playing the slash over deep third man or driving on the up, Milind had an answer to everything that was thrown at him. Dhawan got to his ton with a big six off Tredwell before he was snapped up by Joe Root for 110. The knock came off just 109 balls and included 14 fours and three sixes.

Rajat Bhatia joined Milind Kumar and they ensured that there were no further jolts. Bhatia slammed an unbeaten 45 and finished off the run-chase with a flourish as they put together a 103 run stand off just 72 balls.

All the England bowlers struggled to check the flow of runs and their attack looked pedestrian. This second consecutive loss gives England further problems ahead of the five match ODI series.


 Dhawan Century Assists Delhi in Defeating England
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Fractured Dynamics

By Sunil Kumar

In the macabre dance of Indian democracy, we have witnessed another sordid chapter. When protests break out in the heart of the nation; the Prime Minister does nothing but maintain a studied silence. The things that make our country great are freedom of speech, expression and the ability to innovate.

Sycophantic politicians outdo each other in avoiding the main issue; and playing the usual blame game. The whole thing symbolises a malaise; something seriously wrong with our entire way of thought. Television channels hijack the whole episode, assuming an air of feigned nobility. Admittedly; the media has brought multiple things to the fore; but the whole idea is acting out like an orchestrated television show.

Last week, we saw the President of the United States coming on television and expressing his regret. So, there you have it, I am expressing admiration for Barack Obama.  There may be genuine anger at the way our collective governance has become nothing but a bunch of wimps; unable to defend itself from criticism and thwarting any attempts at protest. The sad part is; some of these ministers are well-educated accomplished manipulators. Their non-seriousness lies in an attempt at obfuscation; deliberately scuttling the main issue. Something they learnt from their colonial masters; elevated into a fine art.

Prakash Jha‘s “Chakravyuh” is an insightful look at the economics of development. Where does all of India’s money go? A few industrialists living in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai. The vast majority of people are struggling against a corrupt system everywhere, across the country. For the wolves in sheep’s clothing; if you are reading this, please do not jump onto the bandwagon.

Coffee-table discussions often discuss changing our entire system. So, if the host is a little generous; everybody feels secure that they have done their bit for society. The Naxalites have established a parallel government in many districts; unleashing their own brand of justice. Chairman Mao, China‘s revolutionary ideologue revolted in the 1930s.

Today’s China is not the Communist utopia he imagined; but a capitalist-communist hybrid that may resemble Manhattan more than anything else. Not an ideal role model. As Deng Xiaoping said; to get rich is glorious. A far cry from what may have inspired local rebels. Slogans of development ring hollow in the dark corridors of the Indian hinterland; where nothing has changed much in the last fifty years. The media sincerely lacks empathy.

In classic Guns ‘N’ Roses speak; what we have here is “failure to communicate”. The vast majority of people do not connect with the narrative; the gains of liberalization are skewed; only enriching a select few; who are sending this ill-gotten wealth to the secure vaults of Swiss financial institutions. Despite all of this being public knowledge; action is seldom taken; ensuring that the status quo remains and becomes even murkier over the years. The blatant love for power borders on the ridiculous; ensuring that we get Z-security for princelings everywhere around the nation; and prime pieces of land allocated at measly prices to the most favored bidder.

The world has not denied you aspirations; but kindly do not pocket the tax-payer’s money for frivolous causes. Brutality inflicted on innocent civilians is more like a dictatorship; rather than the world’s largest “speak”-o-cracy. Oh yes; I like movies and television shows by the way. Read my reviews. Godmother. The blindfolded Gandhari in the Mahabharata.  The freedom to interpret mythology as history; or vice-versa.








 Fractured Dynamics
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RIM to Launch 15 Premium Stores

18346v1 max 450x450 RIM to Launch 15 Premium Stores

Image via CrunchBase

By Sunil Kumar


Canadian smartphone maker Research in Motion (RIM) has plans to launch around 15 BlackBerry premium stores across the country by the end of this year to expand its business in India.

The firm launched a store in Gurgaon Friday. It had opened one in Delhi last month.RIM also has over 5,000 retail points of presence across the country. According to data by IT research firm , smartphone sales in India surged 87 per cent at 11.2 million units in 2011 over the previous year.

 RIM to Launch 15 Premium Stores
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