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Dalai Lama Asks China To Learn From India

By Aglaia Staff

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama today said China should learn from India the practice of harmonious co-existence of different people, languages and lifestyles.            

“They should learn from India, which has apart from different regions, different people, different languages, different scripts and different lifestyles. Yet they all live harmoniously,” the Dalai Lama said while addressing the convocation of a state university here.        

The spiritual leader, who visited Meghalaya for the first time since he made India his home, termed his adopted country as “wonderful and very nice” to live in.      

He likened the country to the United Nations in its embracing a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religion society, while blaming Chinese hardliners for infusing hatred against people living in Tibet. “We are not seeking separation from China. We belong to China with common interests and common economic development,” the Dalai Lama emphasised. 

“Over 3,000 years ago, India had the concept of Ahimsa (non-violence). Because of that it commands respect,” he said, adding that India was the living example of religious tolerance and culture.


 Dalai Lama Asks China To Learn From India
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Flights Diverted And Schools Closed In China

By Aglaia Staff

Thick fog exacerbated by air pollution has caused disruption on Thursday in eastern areas of China, as concern grows over the public health implications of the hazardous atmosphere.

Forty flights arriving at Shanghai‘s Pudong International airport were diverted and 20 others cancelled early in the morning amid the fog.

Shanghai’s meteorology authority issued this winter’s first orange fog alarm past midnight last night. Air pollution monitoring sites showed an average PM2.5 reading of the city had soared above 250, a level labelled as “very unhealthy”, throughout Thursday morning.

Photos circulated on social networking websites showed greatly reduced visibility in Shanghai, falling to 50 metres in some areas. Meteorology officials on Wednesday forecasted the weather conditions would continue until a cold air would blow away pollutants next Monday.

Planes were grounded for several hours at one point and half a dozen highways were closed at one point. They were slowly opened before noon.

Classes were suspended on Thursday at kindergartens, primary and middle schools in Nanjing, after the Jiangsu‘s provincial capital had recorded the worst air pollution of the year on Wednesday, Xinhua reported.

Nanjing education authorities still required teachers to work normally in case parents could not look after their children at home.

The suspension came after the amount of PM 2.5 particles in the air had exceeded the level of 300 on the Air Quality Index (AQI) for 12 hours on Wednesday. The pollution prompted the municipal government command centre overseeing the environent to issue an immediate red alert, the first one this year.

The AQI rose to 377 on Wednesday, according to the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection’s monitoring centre.

Air is rated ‘seriously polluted‘ when AQI reaches 300.

The AQI was measured at 337 at 9am on Thursday. The local weather forecasting department said the pollution could last untill Monday because of lingering low pressure.

Some 25 regions had been hit with smog on Wednesday evening, according to National Meteorological Centre.

The centre said visibility in most parts of Jiangsu and parts of Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Anhui, Shandong, Fujian and Xinjiang had sunk below 500 metres on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Vehicle emissions, the burning of coal for heating and persistent low pressure are blamed for the poor air quality.

In Qingdao, Shandong province, authorities recorded the worst air pollution of 2013 with the AQI reaching 332 on Wednesday. Authorities were forced to take remedial measures, including ordering non-essential government vehicles off the road.

While many parts of the country have had to come to terms with the foul air and consequent inconvenience, a few Nanjing residents have found something to cheer them up.

Residents living in the city’s Gulou district woke up on Wednesday to the rare phenomenon of a “double sun”. It was in fact an optical illusion produced by the smog that made it appear as if a bigger sun was lying on top of a smaller one.

Local scientists said that the smaller sun was simply a reflection caused by the combination of particulates and moisture in the air – further evidence of the damaging pollution.


 Flights Diverted And Schools Closed In China
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India’s Mars Mission Enters Second Stage; Outpaces China

By Aglaia Staff

India‘s first mission to Mars left Earth’s orbit in the early hours of Sunday, clearing a critical hurdle in its journey to the red planet and overtaking the recent efforts of rival Asian country China.

The success of the spacecraft, scheduled to orbit Mars by next September, would carry India into a small club of nations including the United States, Europe, and Russia, whose probes have orbited or landed on Mars.

India’s venture, called Mangalyaan, faces further hurdles still on its journey to Mars. Fewer than half of missions to the planet succeed.

“While Mangalyaan takes 1.2 billion dreams to Mars, we wish you sweet dreams!” India’s space agency said in a tweet soon after the event, referring to the citizens of the world’s second-most populous country.

China’s Mars probe rode piggyback on a Russian spacecraft that failed to leave Earth’s orbit in November 2011. The spacecraft disintegrated in the atmosphere and its fragments fell into the Pacific Ocean last year.

India’s mission showcases the country’s cheap technology,  encouraging hopes it could capture more of the $304-billion global space market, which includes launching satellites for other countries, analysts say.

“Given its cost-effective technology, India is attractive,” said Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan, an expert on space security at the Observer Research Foundation think-tank in Delhi.

India’s low-cost Mars mission has a price tag of 4.5 billion rupees ($73 million), just over a tenth of the cost of NASA’s latest mission there, which launched on Nov. 18.

Homegrown companies — including India’s largest infrastructure group Larsen & Toubro, one of its biggest conglomerates, Godrej & Boyce, state-owned aircraft maker Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and Walchand Nagar Industries — made more than two-thirds of the parts for both the probe and the rocket that launched it on November 5.

India’s probe completed six orbits around Earth before Sunday’s “slingshot”, which took it into a path around the sun to carry it towards Mars. The slingshot requires precise calculations to eliminate the risk of missing the new orbit.

“Getting to Mars is a big achievement,” said Mayank Vahia, a professor in the astronomy and astrophysics department of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai.

“If the spacecraft is half a degree out in its direction, or if the velocity is a few kilometers too fast or slow, the slingshot will not work.”

India’s space agency will have to make a few mid-course corrections to keep the probe in its new path. The mission’s next big challenge will be to enter an orbit around Mars next year, a test failed in 2003 by Japan’s probe, which suffered electrical faults as it neared the planet.

“You have to slow the spacecraft down once it gets close to Mars, to catch the orbit, but you can’t wait until Mars is in the field of view to do it – that’s too late,” Vahia said.

India kicked off its space program 50 years ago and developed it rapidly after Western powers levied sanctions over a 1974 nuclear weapons test, driving the country’s scientists to develop their own rocket technology.

Five years ago, India’s Chandrayaan satellite found evidence of water on the moon.

By contrast, India has had mixed results in the aerospace industry. Hindustan Aeronautics has been developing a light combat aircraft since the early 1980s, with no success.

The Mars probe plans to study the planet’s surface and mineral composition as well as search the atmosphere for methane, a chemical strongly tied to life on Earth.



 Indias Mars Mission Enters Second Stage; Outpaces China
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Individualism And Perseverance Key Success Indicators

300px NegishiCouplingMechanism Individualism And Perseverance Key Success Indicators

Visit aglaia.co.in English: Negishi Coupling Mechanism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Sunil Kumar

Striving for recognition is intrinsic in any human endeavor. Nobel Prize Winners exemplify achievements in diverse fields such as sciences, humanities and the arts. In an exclusive chat with Aglaia.co.in; Ei-ichi Negishi; the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry outlined individualism, perseverance, optimism and dreaming big as some criteria for success.

Born in Hsingking, Manchukuo; now in China; Mr. Ei-ichi Negishi was educated at the University of Tokyo and Pennsylvania. Best known for the Negishi coupling; Ei-ichi Negishi’s lecture was an informative description of his many decades of work on organic synthesis. He summed up his presentation briefly mentioning d-block transition elements as core drivers in continual global economic growth.

India and its leaders suffer from chronic anxiety,” noted Negishi. According to him; dedication, focus and aiming to be the best in any field could be key takeaways for the nation’s youth. He praised the country’s intellectual prowess; but repeatedly emphasized on mentoring, tenacity, serendipity and a need to discover something new as the hallmarks of an ardent researcher.

The Techfest; India’s largest science fest at the IIT, Bombay saw a footfall of around 92,000 this year. With around 50 exhibits from 20 different countries; the event also showcased innovative products such as MIT Media Lab’s Netra, Advertron; India’s newest advertising and marketing robot and the SOINN based HIRO robot from Hasegawa Labs, Tokyo that adapts to situations based on Artifical Intelligence.


 Individualism And Perseverance Key Success Indicators
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What A Vicious Web We Weave When We Practice To Fawn and Deceive!

Mao Zedong in Yan%27an What A Vicious Web We Weave When We Practice To Fawn and Deceive!

Visit aglaia.co.in English: Mao Zedong in Yan'an. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Sunil Kumar


India is a strong country. We know the factors that have hampered our economy; right from regionalism, chauvinism, archaic laws, lax governance, overpaid economists and debating intellectuals.

The national culture of negativity is accentuated by the fact that people are more focused on what is happening three thousand miles away; rather in their own backyard. Coupled by the tendency to usurp;  deny justice and subvert rights.

If the tools of labour are given to our workforce; laws are implemented in spirit rather than on paper; and infrastructure is created, there is no reason why we cannot become a greater power than the Chinese or anybody else. Social movements have to attempt to reform; not become instruments of terror themselves. The fire and multiple insurgencies raging in the country’s heartland, its belly are symptomatic of the current malaise in the system.

As stated in many books, Mao’s China was a characteristic of its times; meant to overthrow the fractured setup inherent at the time. Our social order is full of inequity; we only have people indulging in coffee-table discussions; and those in the corridors of power turning a blind eye to evils and settling for sycophancy.

A halo of nobility is better if it is practised rather than preached. The news article only exemplifies what the Indian people are capable of; if hurdles are removed and people are properly incentivized rather than consistently belittled. What a vicious web we weave when we practice to fawn and deceive!


 What A Vicious Web We Weave When We Practice To Fawn and Deceive!
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Plans to Equip Agni-V with Multiple Warheads

By Sunil Kumar

Agni-V, India‘s most powerful missile with a strike range of over 5,000 kms, is set to get substantially higher destruction capabilities with plans to equip it with multiple warheads.

Asked about  plans in that regard, the chief said, “Basic vehicle (missile) will remain the same. The first three stages will also remain the same and only the kill vehicle or the payload delivery system will need changes.”

Terming it as a “force multiplier”, the DRDO chief added, “If I am able to do force multiplication with this… where I was using four missiles, I may use only one missile. So it becomes a force multiplier given the damage potential.”

Such a capability exists only with a select few countries such as the US, Russia and China.

300px AGNI3 Plans to Equip Agni V with Multiple Warheads

Agni 3 Indian missile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 Plans to Equip Agni V with Multiple Warheads
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Iron Man 3 To Be Partially Filmed In China

iron man poster 225x300 Iron Man 3 To Be Partially Filmed In China

Visit aglaia.co.in and Aglaia Interactive.com

By Sunil Kumar

Iron Man 3 will be partially filmed in China and co-produced by a Chinese film company. Filming for the third movie will start in May in the billion-dollar franchise from Marvel Studios — a Disney subsidiary. The cast includes Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle.

China has become the holy grail for Hollywood film studios eager to cash in on a potentially hugely lucrative market that boasts the fastest growing movie box office in the world.

Last year, cinemas in China raked in more than 13 billion yuan ($2 billion), a nearly 30 percent increase from 2010, the state Xinhua news agency has reported.

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