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David Morrisey And Sheridan Smith Board The 7.39

By Aglaia Staff

Tonight sees the start of the a new 2 part drama on BBC1 starring David Morrissey (The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and Blackpool), Sheridan Smith (Mrs Biggs, The Royle Family and Jonathan Creek), Olivia Coleman (Broadchurch, Hot Fuzz and The Iron Lady) and Sean Maguire (Eastenders, Grange Hill and Scott & Bailey).

Described by writer, David Nicholls, ‘The 7.39′ is a “love story for grown-ups, the sort of drama that has not been seen on television for a while. I’m delighted to be writing for the BBC again and working with such a terrific cast and production team.”

Ben Stephenson, Controller BBC Drama Commissioning, described it as “laugh out loud funny, painfully truthful, emotionally agonising and brilliantly British!”.

He added that he was ”bowled over by the award-winning and stellar cast starring in The 7.39. But it’s perhaps no surprise given the wonderful scripts by David Nicholls, in his first television drama since his novel, One Day, became a worldwide phenomenon.”

The 7.39 begins tonight (6th January) on BBC1 at 9pm and concludes tomorrow at the same time.


 David Morrisey And Sheridan Smith Board The 7.39
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Individualism And Perseverance Key Success Indicators

300px NegishiCouplingMechanism Individualism And Perseverance Key Success Indicators

Visit aglaia.co.in English: Negishi Coupling Mechanism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Sunil Kumar

Striving for recognition is intrinsic in any human endeavor. Nobel Prize Winners exemplify achievements in diverse fields such as sciences, humanities and the arts. In an exclusive chat with Aglaia.co.in; Ei-ichi Negishi; the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry outlined individualism, perseverance, optimism and dreaming big as some criteria for success.

Born in Hsingking, Manchukuo; now in China; Mr. Ei-ichi Negishi was educated at the University of Tokyo and Pennsylvania. Best known for the Negishi coupling; Ei-ichi Negishi’s lecture was an informative description of his many decades of work on organic synthesis. He summed up his presentation briefly mentioning d-block transition elements as core drivers in continual global economic growth.

India and its leaders suffer from chronic anxiety,” noted Negishi. According to him; dedication, focus and aiming to be the best in any field could be key takeaways for the nation’s youth. He praised the country’s intellectual prowess; but repeatedly emphasized on mentoring, tenacity, serendipity and a need to discover something new as the hallmarks of an ardent researcher.

The Techfest; India’s largest science fest at the IIT, Bombay saw a footfall of around 92,000 this year. With around 50 exhibits from 20 different countries; the event also showcased innovative products such as MIT Media Lab’s Netra, Advertron; India’s newest advertising and marketing robot and the SOINN based HIRO robot from Hasegawa Labs, Tokyo that adapts to situations based on Artifical Intelligence.


 Individualism And Perseverance Key Success Indicators
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Liberty Rocket Targets 2015 Debut

6032195961 f622d70f47 m Liberty Rocket Targets 2015 Debut

Visit aglaia.co.in (New York 14) - #138 (Photo credit: Patrick DB)

By Sunil Kumar


The industrial team that aims to make an astronaut launcher by marrying parts of the US space shuttle and Europe‘s Ariane rocket says it now has a complete system.

To be known as Liberty, the launcher would be sold to Nasa to take its crews to the International Space Station (ISS).

According to the BBC, Utah-based Alliant Techsystems (ATK), whose side boosters got the shuttle off the pad, is leading the project.

The company expects Liberty to launch on its first manned mission in 2015.

 Liberty Rocket Targets 2015 Debut
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