By Aglaia Staff

Jimmy Kimmel brought up a good point on his show Thursday night (Jan. 9), saying that Internet commenters can be incredibly rude. However, he may have gotten himself into trouble when he suggested that he and his guest, Sofia Vergara, should read comments that people had written about them aloud to one another.

Reading messages anonymous commenters had written online, the two lobbed insults at one another. It went fairly well at first, with feelings only mildly injured.

Then, one comment sent Vergara over the edge. Kimmel recited, “Sofia Vergara, has anyone checked for a penis?” to a very negative reception. Whether in anger or jest, the “Modern Family” actress immediately responded by slapping Kimmel across the face.

Vergara has most publicly faced criticism for her portrayal of Gloria Delgado on “Modern Family.” Critics and minority groups alike have accused the actress of exploiting stereotypes of Latinos and women with her on–screen role.


 Sofia Vergara Slaps Jimmy Kimmel
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