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By Aglaia Staff(Source: News Report)

Singapore‘s system of meritocracy can be improved for the benefit of all, as part of the ideals of a fair and just society, said Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong

He highlighted this as an area that the country can do better in when he spoke at the Singapore Perspectives seminar on Monday morning.

The seminar also heard from opposition politician Sylvia Lim on how the Workers’ Party can contribute to politics in the country.

Governing the future together will mean casting new roles and ties between the government and citizens, as well as refreshing the values that Singaporeans cherish.

Mr Wong said while meritocracy ranks top among the values, he stressed that Singapore does not want a system where its people seek to advance individual interests at the expense of others.

Mr Wong said: “We do not want a meritocracy that results in a closed group of winners where advantages to any individual are ascribed by birth. What we want is to shape a system of meritocracy in Singapore that works for the benefit of all and is consistent with our ideals for a fair and just society.

He added that it is not going to be easy to do this and there are “no ready-made solutions”.


 Singapore Can Improve Meritocracy System
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