By Aglaia Staff

n an indecorous controversy surrounding Shashi Tharoor, the Union Minister‘s wife Sunanda Tharoor on Wednesday alleged that her husband was having an “extra-marital affair” with a Pakistan-based journalist. 

Talking to a daily, Sunanda said she would now “seek divorce” from Tharoor. 

Sunanda’s statement came shortly after Tharoor claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked. Notably, some controversial tweets were posted from his account last evening, leaving the followers utterly astonished. The tweets referred to one Mehr Tarar, a Pakistani journalist. 

The minister then claimed that his account had been hacked and and will be not functioning for a few days before the issues are sorted out. The controversial tweets have now been deleted. 

The controversy was about to die down when Sunanda declared that neither her or her husband’s account has been hacked. As a matter of fact, it was she, who had logged into Tharoor’s account and posted messages that the Lahore-based journalist had sent to her husband. She did it to show the world how Mehr “is stalking my husband”. 

Talking to a news daily, Sunanda said: “Our accounts have not been hacked and I have been sending out these tweets. I cannot tolerate this. This is a Pakistani woman who is an ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) agent, and she is stalking my husband. And you know how men are. He is flattered by the attention. I took upon myself the crimes of this man during IPL (Indian Premier League). I will not allow this to be done to me. I just can’t tolerate this. I have nothing more to say.” 

In 2010, Tharoor had tendered his resignation as junior minister for external affairs after Indian Premier League’s then chairman Lalit Modi claimed that Tharoor’s friend Sunanda Pushkar had been gifted free equity in the Kerala team worth Rs 70 crore. Tharoor and Pushkar married later on.



 Shashi Tharoor Having An Affair With ISI Agent: Sunanda Pushkar
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