By Aglaia Staff

Cigars? Check. Guitar? Check. Rihanna? Sure, why not?

That’s the name of the game on “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” the newest single from hip-swaying superstar Shakira, and its video, released today (Jan. 30). In the clip, released the same day as the singer’s rise from No. 1 on the Social 50, features Shakira doing what she does best: singing, dancing and showing gratuitous amounts of skin.

In what appears to be some sort of expansive mansion, the Latin star writhes atop an assortment of beds and cushions, takes a dip in a steaming pool of water and works it up against a wall — and all that’s before Rihanna even makes her first appearance.

Once together, the duo lounges together, having some much needed girl time — cigars notwithstanding. Eventually, both unleash a sensual attack of gyrating, hair-whipping action across all corners of the house. There’s some playful touching going on, too, as well as an ending involving Shakira in a wet-and-wild guitar/drum jam session.

The video follows the single’s initial release earlier this month, the first song from Shakira’s upcoming 10th album. The song has peaked so far at No. 28 on the Hot 100.


 Shakira And Rihanna Puff Cigars; Dress Down In New Video
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