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By Sunil Kumar

If it’s something that we know about human nature, it is the supremacy of the ego. Every week, reading the news gives us more perspectives. But, there is an additional caveat here, most of the news is negative. It should be more hopeful, inspiring and elevating rather than the murkier side of life which we all know about.

Revolution is a good concept, but it does not have to undermine the basis of the nation-state. In dining room discussions, people talk about Naxalites as if it were a far-away concept. The reality is that the peasant intellectual Mao Zedong inspired a generation to take up arms globally. Although the idea would have been good in his country, it has had drastic implications globally. The temples of modern India, commerce and industry have been built after a lot of soul-searching and overcoming its own constraints such as corruption, a bureaucracy, and conniving industrialists. As a member of the free-thinking society, I can express my views on nationalism within the narrow confines of this website.

India’s Maoists are definitely moving beyond his paradigm, and inflicting fatal wounds on our existing setup. Our idea of a united country always was partially skewed, but it does not mean everything is awry. An old Indophile(apparently friend of India) called us a functioning anarchy, but still we managed to survive. Despite years of militancy in the North East, the states still remain part of India.

Naxalism remains a serious threat. People often talk about reconstructing society, and other such big-sounding ideas, which can practically be hard to implement. It is very simple to understand that the whole talk about corporate and social responsibility is a sham, and each man and woman is for himself. Another interesting facet of this nation is the halo of mental acuity, a media which endlessly discusses and analyzes every issue to actually blow it out of proportion.

Recent positive achievements such as the Agni V are not highlighted, and we are subjected to daily analyses of what the nation-state has not done. I will not quote the philandering 60s president of the United States, as his ideas were a PR piece, guaranteed to rouse people to do his bidding. To paraphrase him, do what you want to do, all of you will do that anyways.

The Maoist movement has exposed the flaws in our socio-economic fabric. But, a parallel economy of goons to replace another set cannot help the cause of our country. The great Mao’s efforts were to unite China, as it was a splintered country after years of Manchu rule, and uniting a fragmented country. We did not realize our folly in 1962, when the country which India helped to become a member of the Security Council inflicted a conflict. Today, we are again facing multiple threats, both within and without. We should build a military-industrial complex to rival that of a few Western and Far East nations. Cable television should stop focusing solely on parliament.

300px Mao Zedong portrait The Rise of the Reds

Portrait of Mao Zedong at Tiananmen Gate Español: Retrato de Mao Zedong en la Plaza de Tian'anmen Polski: Portret Mao Zedonga na Bramie Niebia?skiego Spokoju w Pekinie. ??: ???????????? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If our local leaders only imbibed some of Mao’s true spirit, patriotism, then we could truly build a great country.





 The Rise of the Reds
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