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By Sunil Kumar

Satire is interesting. It speaks of the futility of existence, the way the world does not change despite a lot of effort. So, when you meet the usual suspects, I can stay happy that the whole thing has happened. For some, we are instrument of the master, the hand of God. Maybe yes, maybe not.

If you are in a hurry to add this to your marketing strategies, use it to post spam, or create some traction by referring to this page, please don’t. I know the world is self-centred, and the Internet universe also a curious amalgam of real live people reading, or the infinite crawling capacity of the bot.

Did writing give me a glimpse into life, and helped in my greater good? I do not know. The one stands before the collective, the individual is more important than the mass of indecipherable opinion, the cacophony of voices, the incredibly jarring wheels of people, social networks and the sounds of today.

No, I am not whining, nor am I giving you my perspective, I am merely detailing the days of my life. Stream of consciousness – Kalidasa or James Joyce. Literature is interesting, reality is stranger than fiction sometimes.

Some of you write in, if anybody wants to put any of your intriguing engagements with the world, or any other idea, I am sometimes available.

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