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By Sunil Kumar

In the game of life, there are moments of happiness, elation, sadness and millions of sensations that pass through our fleeting synaptic connections.

What is God? Undefined, immeasurable, something that defies quantification. When we talk of the spirit or religion, we sometimes bind and codify ourselves into frameworks.

I sat on the grass today. It was a good sensation. Nature is beautiful, something that can be missed. In the game of he said, she said, they said, constant communication, non-stop banter and regular engagement with an ordinarily money-obsessed world, the power of single-minded happiness can sometimes be elusive.

Where is the grass greener? In the heavens, something that people have imagined. Every religion is the work of an inspired mind, and the truth is still out there.

Many mass movements have said that we are all spiritual beings. I see people preaching about the power of ideas in sometimes big and fancy places, which makes me wonder about how material the game of spirituality is.

Spiritual Healing

How do we find a true seeker who actually abandons everything generally considered “material”? Any Tibetan or Indian yogi who went through mortification, penances or the things we consider detachment is a rare entity. Now, for the theory of karma, judgment day and all the mental constructs created by different religions. They are good to keep the mind in bondage, enslave it to a pattern, so that we have a convenient method of looking at the world or the hereafter.

Examine all the people in the world who were considered spiritual or miraculous. Many ideas are similar, so is there a wholly different conception to creation, and redefining what exactly the power of the spirit is. Every idea that we consider spiritual has been conveyed to us by the narrow world and conceptions of millions of people, sort of a mass delusion of collective brainwashing.

Is there something beyond the world, beyond thought, beyond the sphere of words. All of us know that language is jugglery, it can be moulded, transformed and used. So, what perhaps is salvation or enlightenment? Just a word.


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WUHAN, CHINA - FEBRUARY 18: Worshippers burn joss sticks piously to God of Wealth at Guiyuan Temple on February 18, 2010 in Wuhan, Hubei province of China. The fifth day of the first lunar month is the birthday of Chinese God of Wealth, worshippers swarm to serve and pray fortune for the following year. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

 The Grass Is Greener
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