By Sunil Kumar

Transcending reality, religion and thought should be one of the core principles of true spirituality. After all, what does every tradition teach us? No association with the body, or the spirit. All the masters are thoroughly materialistic in today’s age, sitting in air-conditioned lecture halls, preaching to huge audiences.

Are halos a necessary caveat for spiritual belief?Most of us imagine auras. Paranormal researchers claim that they have seen this phenomenon, and we are all victims of our own beliefs. Some meditation techniques teach us to be thoughtless. Verbalizing and ideating is one of the greatest gifts we have received from divinity. At this moment, the external world and its rather idiotic distractions are not impinging on my inner psyche.

So, when can we go beyond our life and its inner workings and transcend to what some poets and mystics called the overmind or supermind, a consciousness that is way beyond the narrow sphere of our own existence. Where is wisdom, what is enlightenment, and what is true spirituality? Is it getting mesmerised by words, or the visions of a few people, or there is something truly out there in the cosmos. The security of a theological conception of religion or God can be convenient to most of us, it is somewhere out there, and we can all remember this concept some time.

But how many people have truly examined what it it is actually? We all seem to be running around in circles, busy in the vortex of our own ideas and delusions, the rush for money, love, food or bigger ideas and concepts. When a big magnate or celebrity lives, farts, dies, is caught, has an affair, or goes on a vacation, the media gives us non-stop fodder into other people’s existence. So, are we all voyeurs in some sense? Ofcourse we are. To be truly divorced from a million external encumbrances requires a strength of will and living in truly ascetic conditions, a concept that may or may not be practicable.

End point, I believe religion is bunkum, life is a joyous journey, and the spectrum of existence is limitless.






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Indigenous Spirituality forum (Photo credit: davidfntau)

 Beyond the Spirit
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