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By Sunil Kumar

History is the sequence of events that have already happened, that can apparently not be altered. It is a relative conception of time, an abstraction that still defies the will of humanity.

It is actually very simple, the things that happened the past moment are already part of history. The life you led, the moments of happiness, people’s deaths, weddings, the nauseating self-centred filthy rich acquisitive bosses, the constant inane interruptions, and the drooling over different thoughts. It may be different in other people’s cases.

The Ideas Man

The second idea is about an idea. I have written my ideas in this box, and they are again part of history. So what do I do? Move on to the next idea. Inspired marketers talk about love. Today, this is also commoditized and sold, platonic, spiritual and others.

So, can I get some sort of profound insight into the universe. A momentary feeling akin to enlightenment. This idea(the one of enlightenment) is also a mental ruse, an elaborate framework constructed to keep people constantly adhere to a rigid conception, something that keeps the windmills of religion and spirituality running.

Creative Zeal

What would it be like to be something beyond all of this? A thought beyond thought, a world beyond a world, an idea beyond an idea, a creation beyond this creation. In Hindu mythology, Vishwamitra created a new universe. Science fiction talks about parallel worlds.

In this universe, the idea of normality is also relative. What we perceive as true depends on our own stereotypes, prejudices and personal ideas. For people who do not have a car, they covet one. I would want more, and sometimes nothing at all, a sort of instant vairagya, a detachment that sometimes comes back to haunt your innards.

The richest industrialists in the West, and now also the East, had a lot of spare millions and billions. So, we have in the world enough to sustain a lot of people. Yet, we have skewed demographics, frenzied ideas, scientific achievements, spiritual sightings and apparent alien landings.

The apparent frailness of our mental conceptions, and an inherent drive to create something for ourselves fuels our belief in multiple ideologies, ideas, and ways of belief. To boldy go beyond what no person has gone before, after I finish the next page.


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 History, Ideas And Love
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