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By Sunil Kumar

Love permeates the universe, apparently. In the modern world you will be healed, on the top floors of plush buildings. But still without any skepticism, I still believe that the power of collective faith has the ability to sometimes change our life.

If invisible light can suture our karmic wounds, then the person in the audience(me) still believes that some people are pretty imaginative and verbose. On my portal, I have the full freedom to express the strange days of life, the interesting world of the internet, and the mundane and creative vacuum of everyday infinity.

Without cash, there is nothing. Even our greatest clairvoyants need money. But still, at the sake of being fair to the world’s religions, there is something to be said about faith. Every day is some sort of strange communion with the ┬ácosmic, if we were to believe that all of us are actually part and parcel of the greater global being.

I see why simple faith has sometimes permeated the world. Religion is the creation of man, undoubtedly. Anyways, for my next sentiment, on this website, kindly put only genuinely intelligent comments.

Why are there so many gurus in the world spouting their own brand of enlightenment? Well, the answer seems to be simple, we are all frail mortals searching for a meaning, and all of us interpret the world as a creative void, when we can keep our minds off our watches, cars, money, bodies or other earthly possessions.

May divinity inflict its infinite mercy on every creation, especially me. The speaking tree also seems to be selfish, and all our new-age spirituality a materialistic add-on. The concept of creation has always been fascinating, and so people have forever tried to find meaning, sometimes adhering to some established creed, or pretending to be atheists or agnostics. Probably, because beyond the infinity of our synaptic connections, there is nothing beyond or nothing less. We have got blinkered vision.

And so, as infinite light permeates my being, I perceive a new reality. Spiritual thought is also a mental pattern, we create archetypes. All our religious icons are merely representations, as the actual source is present; actually it’s an abstraction.

Literature, the arts, and sciences are merely ideas; and sometimes the practical reality is more important; and at other times it is a fluid regeneration of truth. Beauty can be found in the new idea; a creative abstraction.




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