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The four-faced Brahma (Phra Phrom) statue at the Erawan Shrine, Bangkok. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Sunil Kumar

Death is the most interesting of all human emotions, as it is the cessation of life itself. All those moments that you existed in the world, the hopes, the fears, the aspirations, the longings. And for some of you and us, the embracing of the catalytic freedom of it all.

Some say it is limitless, an extension into another dimension, beyond the narrow confines of the planet. The world is often mysterious, and every idea a peering glimpse into infinity. Saints and mystics of the past attempted to understand where we all were headed, a profound engagement with consciousness, Brahman, the Universal Spirit, the Sufis etc.

Why are no two people the same? Energy, consciousness, spirit or just plain different. Why can one person see art, aesthetics and darkness when another man can see cars or comedy? Some thinkers attempt to explain it differently, while for others death is just a mere ending, and for others just another idea. As I write, I can see other people thinking something similar, so the wonders of technology also connect me to the universal mind, in a small way. Imagine Copernicus or Patanjali being connected to a computer.

Despite our rationalism, most of us can be delusional or deranged when it comes to indulging in massive ritual. We are often bound by our own relativity. Again, soul force maybe, an abstract concept.

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