By Aglaia Staff

Emma Willis will only go so far to show her love for hubby Matt.

The TV presenter is excited that Matt, 30, is going on the road with McBusted this year and can’t wait to watch him on stage but she draws the line at wearing bits of tour memorabilia.


‘No, I have a tattoo of his face on my bum,’ quips Emma, 37.

‘I don’t really! That would be good though, wouldn’t it?

‘I will just be there enjoying it – there will be no face T-shirts and none that I pay for; I want freebies!’

Emma is almost as thrilled as Matt about the tour, which will see him and former Busted bandmate James Bourne join forces with Mcfly to create a supergroup.

‘I’m pissing with excitement!’ the Big Brother host says.

‘I’m just so happy for them and Matt is so excited. I think they never expected to have such a huge, positive response from it.

‘It’s incredible how much more grateful you are the second time round”.


 I Have Matts Face Tattooed On My Bum
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