A versatile, creative and multi-faceted personality, Sunil Kumar is a postgraduate from the University of Westminster, London. His book, “Existential Angst” is cataloged in the British Council, Sussex, the U.S. South Asian Literature List and is available on Amazon. He is also a member of the P.E.N .(India Chapter).

Liberal agnosticism is Sunil’s mantra in life. A university-level quiz winner, Sunil is a voracious reader and multilingual. He has authored research papers published in one of the world’s leading bodies, the IEEE. As a manager, he has led huge corporate teams in Fortune 500 organizations. In his avatar as a technology journalist, Sunil has interviewed  the stalwarts and thought leaders of India’s dynamic IT industry. His bylines were published in the industry’s leading media houses.

Aglaia Interactive aims to build business partnerships, expand its footprint globally, and encourage a culture of creative freedom, thought leadership and innovation. We believe in the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community. With domain experts and international experience, we conceive, develop and implement effective corporate strategies.

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