By Sunil Kumar

Steven Soderbergh, an American film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer and editor. After that definition, next question, famous movies. (Sex,Lies and Videotape), (Erin Brockovitch), (Ocean’s Eleven): A list of his more famous movies.

Now, he’s come out with Magic Mike, a movie on male strippers. The movie stars Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello and Matthew McConaughey in the lead roles. So, how’s the on-screen magic? I hand it over to the reviewers, since I will never see the movie.

According to many critics, it’s a mixed bag. The film isn’t as edgy as it is supposed to be, and talks about old-fashioned morality. Contrarian views emerge. Original, breathtaking. The movies are interesting; for me, they are truly an intense effort. Anywhere in the world.

Some more information: randy, escapist fun. A dark parable on the dangers of capitalism like Che, Traffic and Contagion. Can’t understand all these people, they’re all mad. More power to me!

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 Magic Mike: A Soderbergh Creation
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