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By Neelam Kumar

The Steps For Basil Parotha

For Basil Parotha, Take one cup wheat flour
1/4th cup gramflour( Besan)[You can get it at an Indian grocery shop]
1 bunch of Basil leaves or a tablespoon full of dried basil leaves
¼ teaspoon salt or as per liking
Pinch of asafoetida
Pinch of ajwain(bishop’s seed)[Somewhere outside, find things at an Indian grocery shop]
One tablespoon oil or butter
Roll the dough with water as per consistency that you are comfortable with while rolling.
Make small balls
Roll them on a rolling plate with the help of a roller

Here’s an associated video on ‘Methi Papad Ki Subzi’(A Basil Poppadum Vegetable). Enjoy!

0 Basil Parotha: Indian Bread

Heat a pan on the gas for 30 seconds
Sprinkle a little olive oil
Place the rolled bread on the pan
Turn over when little cooked
Turn again & sprinkle oil on the bread
Once again turn over till you see that colour of the bread has changed to cooked consistency

Remove & put on a platter
Serve with Butter or chutney[Available at an Indian grocery shop]

Experiment with the ingredients:

You can also make a layered basil parotha:

Triangular, Spiral or Square. Most or all of these ingredients may be available, depending on wherever you live.

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 Basil Parotha: Indian Bread
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