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Joel Fitzgibbon said he believes the Labor party have chosen to lose the September election in a revealing radio interview.
The PM said today a number of MPs were considering their positions following the events of yesterday and that she would take the coming days to consider the make-up of her ministerial team.
Veteran Labor man Martin Ferguson and Kim Carr were the latest to head to the backbench with Mark Butler tipped to become the next Kevin Rudd backers to be purged from Ms Gillard’s team. Meanwhile the Opposition is calling for Foreign Minister Bob Carr to join them accusing him of agitating for Rudd’s return behind the scenes.
Ferguson join the likes of Chris Bowen, Richard Marles, Joel Fitzgibbon, Ed Husic and Janelle Saffin who have slipped into the shadows of obscurity after Simon Crean‘s political suicide bombing yesterday.
Kevin Rudd has thrown his support “100 per cent behind Julia Gillard” as eight MPs head to the backbench Prime Minister considers the most important reshuffle of her government.

300px Julia Gillard 2010 Julia Gillard Resumes Control

Visit English: Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard at a Q & A Session in Rooty Hill, New South Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Julia Gillard Resumes Control
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