By Sunil Kumar

To an ardent student of Silicon Valley history; there are no two people more important than Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Computing as we know it today is an offshoot of the inspired rivalry between these two; both of whom started with setups in their own rooms(basements, dorms etc).

The much-awaited biopic of Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher is a damp squib of sorts. With countless books available detailing the history of these tech titans; many people are aware of their lives and other intricate details. The director has missed out on an opportunity to make the movie even more dramatic; and it only turns out to be a pale imitation. Ashton Kutcher looks and sounds like himself; even though he must have worked extremely hard to look and sound like Steve.

Some buzz was created when some footage was taken in India; the hippie trail in Delhi and Uttarakhand. But this great nation is only peripherally touched on in the movie. We know that Steve Jobs lived here for some time and was profoundly influenced by yoga; a few Babas and other esoteric practices such as Zen. In the much more watchable “Pirates of Silicon Valley“; we also had a believable Bill Gates in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as a more “Steve Jobish” Steve Jobs. The earlier movie; circa 1999 also showed the exchange of ideas between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in a more balanced manner.

This movie plods along and touches on the last sixteen years of Steve Jobs life; in a haphazard, cursory manner. It begins with the unveiling of the iPod; supposedly the seminal change that unveiled the music revolution. The Walter Isaacson biography had more interesting details on how Steve Jobs actually launched iTunes; as well as the last few years that truly shaped his now global iconic perception. The movie however was lopsided; when it came to this aspect.

A few more grand scenes; opening the Genius Bar on 5th avenue; the media frenzy when any new product is announced could have been leveraged. And Hollywood; Indians have been an integral part in most huge technology companies; from Google to Microsoft; as well as Apple. We know you’re homeland WASP centric; but you’re getting financed by Ambani these days; and lots of people watching your movies in India. Namaste!

All in all; the previous movie was definitely more interesting.




 Jobs And Pirates of Silicon Valley
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