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By Sunil Kumar

In the land of the maharajas, once again. This year’s edition lacked the energy and the hype of the previous incarnation; but it is not short on boombastic value. After listening to the holiest man alive possibly; I had an opportunity to meet some of the country’s most erudite and wise opinion-makers.

The festival is surreal; a landscape of words. Despite the reminders of earthly existence, frail egos and commercial savvy in nearly every nook and cranny, ideas are an uncanny escape from the drudgery and boredom of daily life. As I set out in this landscape; it seems very different from the urban bustle and noisy existence of Mumbai.

The Dalai Lama gives sincere, rational advice. He is a sincere ‘disciple’ ( a chela) of India and its great masters, he says; and preaches age-old virtues of non-violence, rational dialectic, truth and simplicity. It is sad that a country of our size can only seethe with meaningless rage, and not do anything.

Two days have passed. More updates from me: Information: I am a descendant from a royal family; once referred to as “blue blood” in school, all those years ago. Thought I’d share that in this space; after listening to countless stories of a million people.


 JLF: Day 1
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