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In a tete-a-tete with Sunil Kumar, David Runacres, vice president, Asia, Cognos reveals his strategy for the Indian market.

By Sunil Kumar

How do Corporate Performance Management solutions assist CXOs?

A CXO always looks at streamlining cost centers. In terms of a product line, what that means is making an effective categorization. According to me, CPM products are the fastest product line. From a multinational in Minneapolis to an enterprise in India, what corporations are looking at is maximizing shareholder value. Organizations that are able to measure KPIs best are those that are able to model their business best to their relative needs.

How has Cognos been doing in the Indian market?

Cognos has been a leader in the business intelligence(BI) space since 1969. In India, the speed of adoption would be dictated by the level of BI spread. Most organizations have 10-20% adoption of BI. Our balanced scorecarding solutions offer competitive advantage through strategic application of BI on an enterprise scale. We already have clients in India using different aspects.

Going forward, what does Cognos have in store for the Indian CTO?

Cognos 8 BI solutions are based on Web Services based Service Oriented Architecture, first introduced with Cognos ReportNet in 2003. With the launch of Cognos 8 BI in India, the purpose is to deliver a simplified, zero-footprint interface for all users, authors and administrators. This delivers a simplified BI environment that drives high user adoption, enables better decision making and serves as an enterprise-scale foundation for performance management.

They also make it easier for users to perform complex analysis and through the use of Web services, events can be resolved instantly without user interaction by automatically launching business processes.

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