doing research 300x225 Intel Researching Computers That Mimic Human BrainBy Sunil Kumar

Intel has started research on computer technology that mimics the human brain so that it learns about the user over time, marking a major milestone in artificial intelligence and next-generation computing.

So, what’s the nuts and bolts of this idea? The plan is to develop small, wearable computers that improve certain aspects of everyday life. An example given was a user leaving his or her car keys at home. The first week the device will remember where he or she left the keys, while in the second week it will remind him or her not to forget the keys. This ability to adapt to a user’s experience could revolutionise the industry and produce huge demand for new home equipment.
According to Intel, “Within five years all of the human senses will be in computers and in 10 years we will have more transistors in one chip than neurons in the human brain.”
Maybe, AI scenarios imagined by science fiction writers such as Isaac Asimov, Heinlein or in many movies may come true any time.



 Intel Researching Computers That Mimic Human Brain
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