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By Sunil Kumar

For fans, finally there is ‘Intel Inside’ in a smartphone. Intel entered the smartphone market on Thursday, launching Xolo X900 in partnership with India’s Lava Mobiles. The company, dubbed ‘chipzill’ , makes processors that power over 80% computers in the world.

Xolo X900 is the world’s first Android phone powered by an Intel processor and represents the chip manufacturer’s first attempt to take on ARM Holdings, a British firm that makes technology, powering virtually all smartphone and tablets in the world.

The Xolo X900 is based on Intel’s reference design and features Atom processor (Z2460) running at 1.6Ghz. It will be available in the market from April 23 at Rs 22,000. Last year, Microsoft had announced that Windows 8 would run on ARM processors, ending the decades-old Microsoft-Intel partnership , often dubbed Wintel by analysts. On the same day, Intel announced it would partner with Google to bring Android to X86 platform, something that set in motion the process which led to the launch of Xolo X900.

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