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By Sunil Kumar

As a massive earthquake hit Indonesia’s Aceh province, there were no indications of an immediate threat from a massive tsunami.

The horror story that unfolded in 2004 still looms large in the collective consciousness. Thousands scrambled for cover as people realized that they had to evacuate to higher ground.

Nearby countries such as Malaysia instantly felt the tremors. The capital Kuala Lampur and Perlis felt the impact when residents fled from apartment blocks. Buildings were impacted as far as the Thai capital, Bangkok.

In South Asia, Sri Lanka remained shattered by the memories of the previous quake, and residents remained wary and braced themselves to avoid being hit by long waves. The last tsunami, on Dec 26, 2004 impacted the technical and communications infrastructure, and had the potential to wreak immense havoc.

Protesters at the Kudankulam nuclear plant believed that it was nature’s warning against the perils of energy. With conventional sources fast getting saturated, and a clear viable infrastructure for India’s energy needs nowhere in sight, it is time the decision-makers from every state in the union do some brainstorming in Parliament instead of regionalism, infighting and bickering, and our corporate CEOs actually did something noble instead of television debates, as well as false, glib and clever sales talk.

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