By Sunil Kumar

Two Indian researchers, Kshitij Marwah and Ramesh Raskar – both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — are ready with a technology which can provide developers a platform to integrate features found in digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras in their smartphones.

While Samsung made a big bang announcement a couple of days ago on their latest Galaxy Camera which combines features of a smartphone with those in latest cameras, here is a camera design which does exactly the reverse. The practical applications of such a technology would include creating 3D content for delivery services like YouTube just using your cellphone. It would also allow smartphone users to have the ability to create DSLR-type photos and moreover with features such as control of focus post-capture.

Such technology inside the mobile phone camera throws open many exciting features which are almost impossible on current 2D cameras. New applications are something which mobile phone makers are always scouting for. Marwah and Raskar have brought in their research on Light Field Camera technology to address this challenging market. “Since this light field based technology can capture a tremendous amount of visual information it can be used to detect gestural inputs to the mobile phone and in other applications such as tracking a user’s eyes. When the gaze drifts away, this camera can sense and enable functions such as dimming the screen of the mobile phone,” explains Marwah. This gesture-based eye-tracking is seen in Samsung Galaxy S III.



 Indians Create 3D Smartphone Technology
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