By Sunil Kumar

Big Will; King of the Hill was born in Stratford-on-avon. In India; we live in a stratified society; which is apparently open. Most of our movies revolve or did revolve around a central theme; romantic love. This formula has been so accepted; that cinema verite (realistic movies) never gained ground. Probably in the past few years; but bring out the old “Benerasi Babu” and “Bambai Se Aaaya Mera Dost”. Is this good or bad? Well; I will judge. In keeping the country from becoming a clone of the West; as practically everything and everywhere seems to be these days; Bharatiya cinema has done a great and sometimes commendable job. In making us sometimes groan and guffaw; there is no need to spell my sentiments out.

So, case in point; Ram-Leela. The Gujarati take on Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare would never have thought writing for Elizabeth; that his story would have such universal appeal. In this 21st century adaptation; we are treated to Twitter updates; vile expletives and gun-toting rivalry apart from the predictable “love’s got everything to do with it”.

First the good parts. Unlike some of my Dravidian and other counterparts; I do not believe in pretentious negativity. It sometimes get jarring when every word uttered from somebody’s mouth seems only geared to prove profundity. Ahem! We have been born with a halo that guarantees us to blast everything. Note that me has nothing to do with this movie or anything else. In the new world; I only objectively assess what’s in front of my eyes.

Priyanka Chopra Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ram Leela

English: Indian actress Priyanka Chopra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Elaborate sets are now a Bhansali staple; so yes there’s the visual element. I found Padukone’s acting interesting; but the whole thing seems to be getting predictable. The positives in this movie are the rich colours; the interesting backdrop and the action sequences. Now for the cons in my humble opinion. The story did not appeal to me; and as such it was not that exciting. Coupled with the fact that the end based on “Romeo and Juliet” was known to me; killed the suspense. The dances however were fabulous. The Udaipur City Palace; one of the locations used in this movie looked wonderful.

Romeo %2B Juliet Soundtrack Vol. 2 Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ram Leela

Romeo + Juliet (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If 500 year old enmities were supposed to add a touch of gravity; then sadly that was not the case. The old dame in the movie’s jokes were hilarious; but they were more in the line of what one would listen to everyday; not something which seeks to arrive at artistic finesse. Probably; the sign of the times.

Some of the other movies; such as, Kundan Shah‘s “Mirch Masala” also based in a similar setting were more engaging in a story sense. The world displayed in this movie is not realistic. The Priyanka Chopra “item number” was a foregone conclusion; but please Bollywood directors and producers; get us more of yesteryear. The long furtive glances; the subtle lights and the lyrical poetry. Not the dhinchak-dhinchak open blouses and “Ram Chahe Leela; Leela Chahe Ram”. Watchable; if you like such stuff!


 Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ram Leela
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