By Aglaia Staff

Even as the wheels of justice begin to turn in the Tarun Tejpal case, the investigating officer Sunita Sawant is now keeping a tab on another individual who has been accused of harassment by atleast six women, but has managed to remain under the police radar. For days now, a storm has been raging on social media and elsewhere over the harassment faced by women authors during an arts and literature festival in Goa. While the aggressor has been unnamed, and no police complained lodged so far, eminent member of the festival, Jerry Pinto has faced severe criticism for trying to hush up the matter and protect his ‘friend’.

It started with Pinto taking a strong feminist stand in the current case. He was hauled up for his miscreant behaviour; when his string of posts touched a raw nerve with the aggrieved women, who slammed Pinto for his ‘doublespeak’ and posturing’. The writers have found out the aggressor in this case, who Pinto has reportedly been trying to protect, is a Goan writer, who has been stalking, harassing women members of the literary group. Each of the complainants had exchanged a string of emails with Pinto and the other festival organisers, reporting the incident, most of which could be produced as digital evidence if they chose to escalate the matter.

But Pinto dismissed their dissent; saying: “Strong women don’t get molested.” The aggressor continues to find favour with the festival directors, much to the disappointment of the complainants. In one instance, the aggressor had stalked the woman, flooded her inbox with innuendo, arrived at her house unannounced and flashed himself. Seems that is his modus operandi. None of these reports were taken seriously, though fashion designer Wendell Rodricks, a friend of the aggresor, did manage to get an informal confession out of him


The complainants were disappointed when the infamous boy’s club stonewalled their demands for a stronger punitive action against the culprit. Pinto gave adverse reactions. Among them eminent photographer Pablo Bartholomew, who had taken a strong stand against him. The women have since then continued to voice their anger and disappointment at the author’s hypocrisy and doublespeak regarding other issues. Even though this continues in the current national tradition of sleaze. 



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