By Sunil Kumar

In today’s interconnected world, reams of information have resulted in petabytes of data getting generated. For those of you unfamilar with computing jargon, data runs into petabytes. This is roughly equivalent to 58,000 full movies. Most of this is stored in server farms, data centers which store all of this.

Since this is costly in monetary terms, corporates need to ideate on a space to store all of this data, also move it across multiple networks or the cloud, and help to make sense of it. VMWare, the king of the virtualization world, has a strategy of freeing up physical space by When he took charge in 2008, about 25 percent of the world’s Intel-based applications were running on a virtualized base. Four years later, that figure is 60 percent. In that same period, the number of VMware certified professionals has risen from 25,000 to 125,000.

“Back in 2008, we were asking ourselves what the hell is it,” Maritz said of cloud computing. “Now we’re asking ourselves: What do we do about it? How do we actually implement it? How do you transform your operations to take full advantage of it? What’s going to happen in four years’ time? Where are we going with this technology?”

“Where we are going is influenced by an enormous set of forces that are affecting our industry,” he added.

“We’re coming to the mature stages of a very successful 50-year journey to automate most of the paper-based processes in the world. Businesses are absolutely dependent on these capabilities and they’re not going to go away. At this point they’re just table stakes. What’s happening now is the imperative to deliver fundamentally new experiences to both end users and end customers.”

VMWare is now promising to virtualize the entire process by solutions such as vCloud Suite 5.1 that claims to offer a one-stop solution for virtualization, cloud management and infrastructure solutions. There’s a market opportunity running into $20 billion by 2015. According to the firm, turning big data servers into virtual has been done on the Hadoop platform.

Big data is unstructured such as Facebook updates, Twitter posts, blogs etc.





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