By Aglaia Staff

Eydie Gorme, the lively singer with a remarkable range who performed a decades-long act with her husband, Steve Lawrence, that made them the sweethearts of mid-20th-century American pop music, died on Saturday in Las Vegas. She was 84.

Her death was confirmed by Howard Bragman, her publicist.

“If we came out in jeans and sneakers, it would be ridiculous,” Ms. Gorme said in an interview. “We’re stuck with who we are.”

And they specialized in old-married-folk banter that was slightly naughty by pre-sexual-revolution standards. At one point in their “tux and gown” nightclub act, they would dance elegantly and Mr. Lawrence would make a grand gesture, a dramatic dip. When she would say, “I’m getting nauseous,” he would respond, “That used to excite you.”

Despite their long and successful marriage, they had the usual marital disputes, but Mr. Lawrence said it helped the act.

“One of the best shows we ever had was after a terrible argument,” he recalled in 1992. “The orchestra was starting to call divorce lawyers. Who knew what it was about? We went on the stage so hostile. Clenched teeth. I was saying everything a husband always wants to say to his wife. I mean — venomous. And the more we snapped at each other, the more the audience loved it. After the show we were fine. It was like therapy.”

Ms. Gorme and Mr. Lawrence, who starred in a 1958 summer-replacement television series “The Steve Lawrence-Eydie Gorme Show,” won a 1960 Grammy Award as best pop duo and a 1979 Emmy Award in the outstanding comedy-variety or music program

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