By Sunil Kumar


If you are like me, you may have watched every episode of Star Trek and Enterprise. Probably you watched everything. Exploring new worlds is an imaginative journey. Normal life is mundane. People are incredibly earth-bound and boring. So, there is a charm to life’s greater wonders.

Here’s some news. According to an engineer, a fully functional Enterprise can be built if there is enough interest in the effort. His blueprint details the idea. It is as follows; the first nine years to research, component testing and possible blueprinting. The next ten years are dedicated to development. This is when components can be manufactured and launched into space for assembly. In twenty years, a fully functional Enterprise could be built at a cost of $1 trillion.

Star Trek   New Worlds Coverart The Enterprise Could Be Built In Twenty Years

Visit Star Trek: New Worlds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Enterprise Trivia(For The Trekkies)

Registry Number NCC- 1701: Devised by Matt Jeffries for Gene Roddenberry

Class: Constitution

Service: 2245-2285


Star Trek Timeline:

  • 4 billion years ago
    • A humanoid civilization seeds the oceans of many planets with genetic material, which would lead to the development of humanoids on many planets.
  • c. 1 million years ago
  • Sargon’s people explore the galaxy and colonize various planets, possibly including Vulcan.
  • 8,000 BC
    • The Dominion may have been founded in the Gamma Quadrant by the shapeshifting race known as the Changelings around this time, possibly in a different form than is known in the modern timeline.
  • 2700 BC
    • A group of extraterrestrial beings landed on Earth and was eventually known as the Greek gods established in the episode “Who mourns for Adonis”.
  • 4th century: Vulcan Time of awakening, the philosopher Surak leads.


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