By Sunil Kumar

It’s been some time since I wrote about a play; so today’s the golden day. Unlike many other adaptations of Einstein’s life on celluloid; this one was for the masses; strictly Mumbai dwellers at that. This could somehow explain the crass language on offer; Hindi, English and Urdu distorted beyond recognition. Backed by a pretentious cheering club; it explains why Bombay is not the cultural capital of India

To be fair and balanced; the idea of the play was interesting. Albert Einstein is a fascinating figure that has achieved global notoriety as a synonym for the absent-minded professor or a nerdy scientist. But, we have several Indian science luminaries the playwright could have looked at, including Satish Dhawan, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Subrahmanyam Chandrashekhar or to be saucier, Vikram Sarabhai

The play started on a dark Mumbai winter night. Cut to the first scene; somebody fiddling with a brain, obviously Einstein’s muttering expletives. Having watched other plays at this venue; including some literary gems; with richer, more effervescent language, I expected much of the same. It was a letdown in those terms; however the acting was good.

The concept in terms of three Einsteins straddling different time periods in his life communicating with each other was also noteworthy. I recommend the writer read the Einstein authored “Ideas and Opinions” and let Hindi/Urdu be spoken in Salim-Javed style; real “meaning” in parts. As the play plodded along; I could not help notice the contrast with “Ok Tata Bye Bye”; a constant laugh riot.

The idea was serious, and attempts at crass humor were expected, but the overall feeling was dull; a dumbing down of an intellectual giant. Sieg Hannukah Meets Jagdishbhai Dani classes. But I don’t have a gun. Different plays later. Another day in “India”dise. 


 The Einstein Quotient
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