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By Sunil Kumar

Today, we live in a coded universe. The social network is an extension of the actual universe; the nuts and bolts of real existence. Life is merely an attempt at unravelling a greater mystery; the universe. There are more than 200 countries on the globe, people trying to make sense of their reason for being on the planet; grappling for food, water, money, education, ideas.

Some cynic once coined the term, “Fifteen minutes of fame.” In the social network, everybody is an instant storyteller, conveying their thoughts over the ether to multiple people; courtesy the power of the internet. Sometimes, I’m happy at this miraculous interconnectedness; also distraught at times.

Nearly twenty years back, there was no such thing as the World Wide Web. Books could often be solitary friends; and the printed page a refuge from the incredible cynicism of the world; something that has increased today. Never mind the cussed blasphemy of global egotism; the ode to the self, something practically everybody including me indulges in.

Wealth is something everybody wants, needs and aspires for. I had the pleasure of listening to an august gathering of intellectuals lately. They all struck me as being partially farcical, but thank the world for the ability to voice my opinions; even if it is in the confines of this window.

I do not want this post to be linear; it’s as fuzzy logic as I can make it. In the power of the collective, the individual does matter; and in the Aglaia Universe ideas matter.


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 The Social Network
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