By Sunil Kumar

In the macabre dance of Indian democracy, we have witnessed another sordid chapter. When protests break out in the heart of the nation; the Prime Minister does nothing but maintain a studied silence. The things that make our country great are freedom of speech, expression and the ability to innovate.

Sycophantic politicians outdo each other in avoiding the main issue; and playing the usual blame game. The whole thing symbolises a malaise; something seriously wrong with our entire way of thought. Television channels hijack the whole episode, assuming an air of feigned nobility. Admittedly; the media has brought multiple things to the fore; but the whole idea is acting out like an orchestrated television show.

Last week, we saw the President of the United States coming on television and expressing his regret. So, there you have it, I am expressing admiration for Barack Obama.  There may be genuine anger at the way our collective governance has become nothing but a bunch of wimps; unable to defend itself from criticism and thwarting any attempts at protest. The sad part is; some of these ministers are well-educated accomplished manipulators. Their non-seriousness lies in an attempt at obfuscation; deliberately scuttling the main issue. Something they learnt from their colonial masters; elevated into a fine art.

Prakash Jha‘s “Chakravyuh” is an insightful look at the economics of development. Where does all of India’s money go? A few industrialists living in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai. The vast majority of people are struggling against a corrupt system everywhere, across the country. For the wolves in sheep’s clothing; if you are reading this, please do not jump onto the bandwagon.

Coffee-table discussions often discuss changing our entire system. So, if the host is a little generous; everybody feels secure that they have done their bit for society. The Naxalites have established a parallel government in many districts; unleashing their own brand of justice. Chairman Mao, China‘s revolutionary ideologue revolted in the 1930s.

Today’s China is not the Communist utopia he imagined; but a capitalist-communist hybrid that may resemble Manhattan more than anything else. Not an ideal role model. As Deng Xiaoping said; to get rich is glorious. A far cry from what may have inspired local rebels. Slogans of development ring hollow in the dark corridors of the Indian hinterland; where nothing has changed much in the last fifty years. The media sincerely lacks empathy.

In classic Guns ‘N’ Roses speak; what we have here is “failure to communicate”. The vast majority of people do not connect with the narrative; the gains of liberalization are skewed; only enriching a select few; who are sending this ill-gotten wealth to the secure vaults of Swiss financial institutions. Despite all of this being public knowledge; action is seldom taken; ensuring that the status quo remains and becomes even murkier over the years. The blatant love for power borders on the ridiculous; ensuring that we get Z-security for princelings everywhere around the nation; and prime pieces of land allocated at measly prices to the most favored bidder.

The world has not denied you aspirations; but kindly do not pocket the tax-payer’s money for frivolous causes. Brutality inflicted on innocent civilians is more like a dictatorship; rather than the world’s largest “speak”-o-cracy. Oh yes; I like movies and television shows by the way. Read my reviews. Godmother. The blindfolded Gandhari in the Mahabharata.  The freedom to interpret mythology as history; or vice-versa.








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