By Sunil Kumar


It couldn’t get any better than this. Michael Vick led the Eagles (3-1) to their third comeback win Sunday night, a 19-17 victory over the New York Giants that wasn’t sealed until Lawrence Tynes missed a 54-yard field goal try in waning seconds.

That made Philadelphia the first team in league history to have its first three wins in a season decided by two points or less. The Eagles had not won three games in an entire season by two points or fewer since 1990, and they’d never done it more than once under Andy Reid.

After a nightmarish start last season in which they blew three straight fourth-quarter leads to fall to 1-3, the Eagles will take any win no matter how slim the margin. That’s the game, mate.

“I’d like to keep winning. I’d like to keep winning by more than one or two points. I’d like that, but I like winning,” coach Andy Reid maintained on Monday. He added, “I honestly don’t feel like we’ve come close to playing our best football yet. I don’t think our players do or coaches.”

The Eagles have been outscored by 17 points and have trailed each game at the two-minute warning. But they’re finding ways to pull out victories at the end, a contrast to last season when they blew several late leads and needed to win their last four games just to finish 8-8.

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 The Eagles Make Inroads
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