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It was this time last year that we were watching tragedy unfold in front of our eyes as Matthew Crawley drew his last breath. But this year’s Christmas offering of Downton Abbey features no deaths but definitely the drama! So take a look at the top ten moments of the Christmas special of Downton Abbey.

1. Lady Edith’s baby drama

The last series left Edith in a dilemma after finding out that she was pregnant by Michael Gregson who had disappeared whilst trying to seek a divorce from his mentally unstable wife. The Christmas special of the drama saw Edith back at Downton having spent eight months in Geneva after giving birth to a baby girl.

With no one but Rosamund in the know, Edith tried her best to disguise her feelings for the baby she left behind knowing that she could never welcome her child into Downton due to the disappearance of Gregson. But with the possibility that Gregson could be dead and she could inherit his fortune, Edith went against Rosamund’s advice of letting her daughter grow up in Switzerland (Giving advice, Rosamund said: “If you keep silent, there will be other loves and other children. Don’t cheat yourself of that”) and decided to put her daughter in the care of a resident of the village near Downton.


2. The Grantham family go to London

With Lady Rose’s presentation on the horizon, the whole family (and the staff) descended into London and prepared for the fan fare with many dinners and party taking place at Grantham house in London.

3. Lady Rose’s presentation

The day of Lady Rose’s presentation saw her wearing an opulent dress as she prepared to meet the Royal family including the Prince of Wales who went on to tell the King about how Rose’s father helped him during his stay in India.

4. The Grantham’s meet the Royal family

On the day of her presentation, Lady rose came face to face with the King and Queen of England. But she also reunited with the Prince Of Wales who she first met at the Embassy club just days before the formal event. However, the family soon became intertwined with the Royal family as they tried to save them from a scandal.

5. A right Royal scandal

The Grantham family found themselves in the midst of a scandal after a personal letter kept in the bag of Freda Dudley Ward was stolen. With the personal letter for Freda Dudley Ward being a love letter from Prince of Wales, the Grantham family were tasked with doing everything they could to get it out of the hands of Sampson. Admitting her mistake, Lady Rose confessed: “If I hadn’t joked about it, he would have never known it was in her handbag.” Taking the blame for the scandal, Lord Grantham exclaimed: ‘This family is responsible for the whole debacle.” With time ticking, Lord Grantham hatched a plan to get Lady Mary, Lady Rose and Charles Blake to go into Sampson’s flat and steal the letter back whilst he kept Sampson occupied at Grantham house. However, their plan failed as the letter was not at his flat. But with some clever thinking from Bates, the letter was soon recovered from Sampson’s coat pocket and handed over to Lord Grantham. Crisis averted!

6. Reintroduction of Martha Levinson and introduction of Harold

The last time viewers saw Lady Cora’s mother, Martha Levinson was in series three but the iconic Shirley MacLaine made a return to the show and this time brought her son and Lady Cora’s brother, Harold (Paul Giamatti) with her. Having raised a few eyebrows with her outspoken nature with the dowager in the past, Harold appeared to have the same nature as he revealed his dislike for London. Speaking to Edith upon his arrival he said: “I’ve never felt the need to leave America” He then went on to say: “I’m prepared for the cold baths, warm drinks and the food.” However Harold soon came round to living his life in London after meeting Madeline – a friend of Lady Rose.

7. Lady Mary and her men

The fourth series saw a love triangle of sorts between Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham and Charles Blake. With both men vying for her attention and love, the Christmas episode saw Blake and Gillingham refusing to give up as they joined Mary at the many dinners and parties. However, all hope of Mary going off in the sunset with one of them, was soon dashed as Mary admitted she was still confused. Asking Mary about her feelings, Gillingham said: “I don’t suppose there’s any progress on whether it will turn out well for me” to which Mary said: “Oh Tony. I wish I knew. I feel so cruel dangling you and Charles and Evelyn on the end of a string. My destiny is to save Downton for George by spending every penny and every waking minute of it.” But that’s not the only admission that was made as Lady Mary found out that Blake was from aristocracy and is in line to inherit a fortune. Asked why he kept it quiet, he told Mary: “I wanted to win you myself.”

8. Love and romance in Downton

Last year’s Christmas offering saw death and this year saw quite a lot of romance and not just with the Grantham family. Having come over as Harold’s valet, Mr Slade took an instant liking to kitchen maid Daisy by trying to find out more about her and even managing to get her a job cooking for Harold in New York. But sadly no matter how hard Mr Slade tried, he couldn’t woo Daisy enough as she turned down his advances. Elsewhere, Harold appeared to get close to Lady Rose’s friend Madeline despite getting off to a shaky start when her father made it obvious that he wanted Madeline to get close to Harold. Admitting his playboy ways, Harold told Madeline: “I own a yacht and I like pretty girls”, before admitting to her that he “likes her more than any other lady”. Tom Branson was also seen getting closer to village teacher Sarah Bunting. Having shared dinner together in the pub, Branson was seen showing the teacher around Downton, much to the dislike of Thomas Barrow who speculated that something was going on between the pair. But it’s just not the younger members of the family who meddled with a bit of romance as Isobel Crawley was once again met by the advances and a lot of flirting from Mr Merton. Martha was also approached and given an offer of becoming Lady Aysgarth from Lord Aysgarth. But knowing Martha, she turned down his invitation citing the differences in the way they think. Carson was also seen taking the hand of Mrs Bates as they paddled their feet in the cool water on the beach.

9. Did Bates murder Green?

In another storyline taken from the last series, a train ticket from Yorkshire to London was found in Bates’ coat pocket by Mrs Hughes when Anna gave his coat to her for charity. The finding of the ticket escalated the suspicion that Bates killed Mr Green – the valet who raped Anna whilst Lord Gillingham stayed at Downton. Despite the bleak finding, Mrs Hughes told Lady Mary: “If he was there to avenge his wife’s honour. I won’t condemn him for it.” However, Lady Mary didn’t appear to feel the same way as she was seen toying with the knowledge that Bates’ could have possibly killed Green. However, Lady Mary was seen showing her support to Bates by chucking the incriminating train ticket into the fire after he managed to get back the letter Samson had stolen from the family.




 Downton Abbey Christmas Special: Riveting Moments
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