By Sunil Kumar

In the sylvan surroundings of ‘Kitabkhana’, a new South Mumbai landmark, ‘Cinasthana Today’, an insightful Tata McGraw-Hill publication on the India-China relationship was launched.  Written by Mr. P.S Deodhar, Chairman ICEC, it covers the Middle Kingdom without bias and without fear, by focusing on the people of China and their life today.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Deodhar remarked that it would be a great addition to increasing understanding between the two countries. The event was also covered by the official Chinese news agency, Xinhua. Another pertinent observation made by Mr. Deodhar was an increase in people-to-people contact.

Global geopolitics necessitates changing alliances; and constant flux. With China emerging as India’s largest trading partner; and a global powerhouse, this book is a welcome addition to the India-China dialectic. As an editor of this book; ‘Cinasthana Today’ has been a special experience for me in terms of a more intrinsic understanding of a very complex relationship.




 Cinasthana Today Launched Amidst Fanfare
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