After Maggi; Snapdeal Partners With Pizza Hut

By Aglaia Staff


Snapdeal today announced its partnership with Pizza Hut to launch two new pizza offerings on its online platform. The new pizzas are available at Pizza Hut outlets starting today and will be exclusively available till December 30 at discounted prices only for registered Snapdeal users, after which they will go on open sale.


670px Pizza Hut Guardia Vieja After Maggi; Snapdeal Partners With Pizza Hut

Visit Español: Pizza Hut Guardia Vieja, Providencia, Santiago de Chile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The partnership will allow Snapdeal customers to pre-order the new Cheese Maxx pizzas online by paying a flat amount of Rs 100 which will be adjusted against the final order placed at the Pizza Hut outlet. The pre-order offering is available for Snapdeal customers between December 28 and 30 and includes discounts up to 50 per cent.

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Paris Attacks Mastermind Dead

By Aglaia Staff

The suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, has been identified as one of those killed in a raid in Saint Denis, the Paris prosecutor says.

His body was found riddled with bullets and shrapnel in an apartment in the northern Paris suburb on Wednesday.

670px Porte Saint Denis 01 Paris Attacks Mastermind Dead

Visit Porte Saint-Denis in Paris, from the South. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Belgian national, 27, was identified from his fingerprints.

Friday’s gun and suicide bomb attacks in the French capital left 129 people dead and hundreds injured.

Eight people were arrested and at least two killed in the raid on the property in Saint Denis.

Heavily armed police stormed the building after a tip-off that Abaaoud was in Paris.

A woman at the flat – reported in French media to be Abaaoud’s cousin – blew herself up during the raid.

Investigators are still looking for Salah Abdeslam, who is believed to have travelled to Belgium after the attacks on Friday night.

He was high on French and Belgian wanted lists and yet managed to travel from Syria to the heart of Paris without ever leaving a trace.


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Three Shot On Tennessee State University Campus

By Aglaia Staff

One person has been killed and two others wounded by gunfire on the campus of Tennessee State University in  Nashville, police have said.

The shootings, which occurred just before 11 pm local time on Thursday, appeared to have stemmed from a dispute over a dice game in a courtyard, the Metropolitan Nashville police department said.

 Three Shot On Tennessee State University Campus

Visit Police Vehicles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police did not say whether those involved were students. It is unclear whether any arrests have been made.

Three people were taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said Tanya Stone, operations supervisor for the Metro Nashville emergency communication centre.

Last week, three people were shot and wounded during a large house party near the Tennessee State University campus.

The incidents follow a string of gun violence at or near several US schools in October, including fatal shootings on the campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and near Texas Southern University in Houston.


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Unidentified Foreigner Spotted Using Drone Near Parliament

By Aglaia Staff

In a major security alarm, an unidentified person was spotted flying a suspected drone near the high-security Vijay Chowk intersection close to Rashtrapati Bhavan and Parliament here on Saturday evening.

Police said that the incident was reported in the evening after a media person spotted a foreigner standing on the pavement near Vijay Chowk with a remote control in his hands. The foreigner was operating a flying object — suspected to be a drone — which was seen hovering around 20-30 feet above the ground, said a police official. -

670px Rashtrapati Bhavan 1 Unidentified Foreigner Spotted Using Drone Near Parliament

Visit Rashtrapati Bhavan, the presidential palace in New Delhi, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The media person told police that when he confronted the foreigner, he stopped the device and fled in a car that was parked near the pavement. The media person further claimed that the vehicle had a diplomatic registration number pertaining to the Russian embassy, said the official. The incident was caught on camera and the footage — in which the unidentified man can be seen sporting a white T-shirt and shorts — has been handed over to Parliament Street police station, said the official. “

The issue came to our notice through the media. We are inquiring into it,” said DCP (New Delhi) Jatin Narwal. He said that a special team is studying the video footage and further action will be initiated accordingly. Police said that it is only when the person who was operating the device is questioned can it be known whether the gadget was actually equipped with a camera and if he was taking photographs or videos in the high-security zone. Meanwhile, following the incident, security was tightened in and around Parliament Street and several police teams were deployed in the area.

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Donald Trump Loses It; Calls Sanders Maniac And Communist

By Aglaia Staff

Just 24 hours after the first Democratic debate, Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters and gave his thoughts on what the candidates said. In addition to his usual criticism of Hillary Clinton, Trump went hard after progressive favorite, Sen.  Sanders.

Ever since announcing his presidential campaign back in June, the billionaire real estate mogul has vaulted to the top of the Republican primary field. Despite making controversial comments about Hispanics, women, and other minority groups, the conservative base of the party continue to support the former host of “The Apprentice.” During an Oct. 14 campaign rally in Richmond, Virginia, Trump went on the attack.

670px Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore Donald Trump Loses It; Calls Sanders Maniac And Communist

Visit speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I watched last night as Hillary and Bernie Sanders, they just couldn’t give away things fast enough,” Trump told the crowd. The Republican front runner had the crowd on their feet booing the Democratic candidates as he pointed out the “free stuff” they wanted to give to the American people. “They want heath care for illegal immigrants. They want drivers licenses for illegal immigrants,” Trump said, noting that, “They want, listen to this, social security for illegal immigrants.”

Trump then showed some sympathy for Clinton, referring to her as a “poor women,” citing the fact that she was forced to “give everything away” when standing next to Bernie Sanders. “The poor woman, she’s gotta give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right was giving everything away, so she’s following! That’s what’s happening.”

Continuing his attack on Sanders, Trump referred to the Vermont senator as a “socialist” and a “communist.” “This socialist-slash-communist, okay? Nobody wants to say it,” Trump said as the crowd cheered. Warning his supporters, if Sanders is elected, they should expect to have their taxes raised to 90 percent.

Despite the charges of “socialism,” Sanders has spoken about using tax money to invest in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure, universal healthcare, and offer paid family leave, all programs that are prevalent in most industrialized nations around the world. Trump told the Virginia crowd that their taxes would be raised to 90 percent, a number that Sanders hasn’t ever said, but those who would see their taxes increased would be the wealthiest people and corporations in the country. A group that most likely didn’t attend Trump’s campaign rally.



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Don Zimmer Passes Away

By Aglaia Staff

Don Zimmer, a current Tampa Bay Rays advisor who has spent the last six decades working in professional baseball as a player and coach, died Wednesday after a nearly two-month hospital stay. He was 83.

Zimmer, who has been working with the Rays in a limited-time capacity since 2004, underwent heart surgery in April to fix a leaky valve. Initially expected to only need a couple days of recovery before going home, his body never recouped properly. Topkin reported in late April. that Zimmer needed a ventilator to breathe and his progress was “slow” to do so on his own.

A baseball lifer, Zimmer goes down as one of the most indelible faces in MLB history. Working largely as a reserve infielder, he played 12 big league seasons, starting with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1954. That call-up would start a 60-year relationship with America’s pastime, featuring stops at nearly every corner of the United States.

Zimmer played for the Dodgers, Cubs, Mets, Reds and Washington Senators. Working all over the diamond depending on need, Zimmer enjoyed limited individual success as a player. He made the 1961 All-Star Game but played in over 100 games just four times in his career. He had a career .235 batting average and hit 91 career home runs, with his playing days largely defined by his unquestioned work ethic and willingness to fill whatever role was needed.

Those traits served Zimmer well in his legendary coaching career. 

Starting first in the minor leagues, Zimmer again worked his way up through the system before earning a gig with the Montreal Expos in 1971. He would become a fixture on a major league bench over the next three-plus decades, where he’d become one of the best-traveled coaches in history. 

Zimmer coached or managed nine different franchises, including three different stints with the Yankees and two stops with the Red Sox. Not even the fiercest rivalry in baseball could keep someone as talented as him off a major league bench.

His five-year stint (1976-80) in Boston served as his greatest success as a manager. Zimmer’s teams never made the playoffs, but they were better than .500 every season and he had two campaigns with a .600 winning percentage. It’s possible he would have had a much longer managerial career had the wild card been in play then.

Zimmer’s only playoff appearance as a manager came in 1989 with the Cubs, a season in which he won the Manager of the Year award. Chicago lost to the San Francisco Giants in the NLCS. Overall, Zimmer went 885-858 as the man in charge with the Padres, Red Sox, Rangers and Cubs each giving him a shot.


Where Zimmer found his true calling was being the second in command.

Joe Torre tabbed him for his third and final stint in New York in 1996, and the two became one of the most successful clubhouse pairings of the modern era. Torre and Zimmer helped guide the Yankees to four World Series titles, a dynasty that helped end two decades of futility in the Bronx.

Zimmer also had his greatest moment of infamy in New York. During a bench-clearing brawl between the Yankees and Red Sox in 2003, Zimmer charged at Boston pitcher Pedro Martinez, who promptly threw him to the ground. While many criticized Martinez for his part in the fight, it was a quintessential Zimmer moment. He loved the game to the point where, even at an advanced age, he’d start a fight he had no chance to win in order to protect his players.

Torre is one of the infinite members of baseball royalty who owe gratitude to Zimmer. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Carl Yastrzemski and many others had their lives touched by this great man. 


 Don Zimmer Passes Away
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World Of Literature Mourns Gabriel Garcia Marquez

By Aglaia Staff

The death of Nobel prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez at the age of 87 has attracted world attention and international tributes.


Regarded as one of the greatest writers in the Spanish-language, he was best known for his masterpiece, “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

His books were read by everyone from presidents to youngsters and with his unique blend of magic and realism they became popular around the world.

President Obama said the world had lost “one of its greatest visionary writers” while former US President Bill Clinton called him “a man with a unique gift of imagination and emotional honesty”.

Among his other works were “Love in the Time of Cholera” and “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”.

The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, a one-time friend but after a punch outside a cinema they started one of literatures most talked-about feuds, said:

“A great writer had died, whose work gave great diffusion and prestige to the literature of the Spanish language. His novels will survive him and will continue to win over readers everywhere.”

Colombian by birth he was last seen in public on his birthday at his home in Mexico. He died there after several years of ill health.


 World Of Literature Mourns Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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Narendra Modi’ji’: Nilekani’s Aadhar A Political Gimmick

By Aglaia Staff

In a pertinent point raised by the honorable BJP prime ministerial candidate ; Narendra Modi on Tuesday subjected Infosys  co-founder Nandan Nilekani to a prolonged attack over the unique identity card, Aadhaar, to boost the prospects of his party colleague Ananth Kumar facing an uphill task to retain his Bangalore South seat.

Congress finds itself in such a bad shape today that it has fielded a man worth thousands of crores of wealth, but with no aadhaar (credentials) whatsoever for himself,” the Gujarat chief minister said at a BJP rally near Electronic City in the Bangalore South constituency.

BJP had strategically chosen the venue to take its fight to the IT heartland of Electronic City — which is home to a number of IT companies, including Infosys, the firm Nilekani co-founded.

The party, unsure of which direction the votes of IT professionals swing, brought Modi into their midst to speak at length on Aadhaar, ‘sluggish’ IT exports and ‘governance deficit’.

Kumar has been under incessant onslaught from Nilekani, who spares no opportunity to call him an ‘absentee’ MP with scant respect for his constituency. In his Hindi speech, Modi wondered whether Aadhaar made any sense and said Congress was unable to convince even the Supreme Court which has been pulling up In his Hindi speech, Modi wondered whether Aadhaar made any sense and said Congress was unable to convince even the Supreme Court which has been pulling up the government over the project. “It is a political gimmick with no vision,” Modi alleged.

He said he had raised many questions on Aadhaar from the security point of view on how it would enrol people in border areas and how illegal immigrants would be prevented from securing a card. “The people who thought of themselves as having giv

as having given birth to IT in this country refused to listen to a common man like me. Even the SC has demanded answers,” Modi said and alleged the Aadhaar programme was a bundle of lies in whose name the treasury was looted.

A day after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi claimed credit for his party for developing Bangalore into an information technology hub, Modi sought credit for the NDA regime under Atal Bihari Vajpayee for bringing a comprehensive IT law, which he said boosted

IT exports.

When NDA ruled the country, the country registered 40% growth in annual IT exports, but the same sank to 30% during the first five years of the UPA regime, and to 9% during UPA-II.

“I have come to the land of IT. Please tell me how you will explain this,” Narendra Modi said.






 Narendra Modiji: Nilekanis Aadhar A Political Gimmick
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Voting Begins In Four North-East States

By Aglaia Staff

The 5-week parliamentary elections entered its second phase on Wednesday with voting in four north-eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

Simultaneous polls for two Lok Sabha and 49 of the 60 assembly seats of Arunachal Pradesh began on a peaceful note on Wednesday.


Congress, BJP, NCP, Peoples Party of Arunachal besides independents are in the fray in the Western and Eastern parliamentary constituencies, which are traditional Congress strongholds since 1975, except in 2004 when the BJP made its dent for the first time.

Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Ninong Ering of Congress is pitted against BJP nominee Tarir Gao and PPA’S Wangman Lowangcha in the Eastern Parliamentary seat.

In the Western seat Congress MP nominee and sitting MP Takam Sanjoy has locked horns with BJP’s Kiren Rijiju in a multi-cornered contest which has eight candidates.

In the assembly polls the main contest will be between Congress and BJP but new entrant Naga Peoples Front (NPF), along with PPA and NCP are expected to put up formidable fight in several seats.

Altogether 155 candidates including 5 women are in the fray for 49 of the 60 Assembly seats in the state.

The rest 11 seats have been won uncontested by Congress. Among the winners are Chief Minister Nabam Tuki from Sagalee constituency.

An electorate of 7,53,170, including 3,77,272 women will cast their votes in 2,158 polling stations in the state.

An additional 20 companies of central paramilitary forces besides 24 existing companies have been deployed as well as 8000 policemen to maintain law and order during the polls.


Polling for the lone parliamentary seat in Nagaland which will decide the fate of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rioin began on a peaceful note on Wednesday.

Mr. Rioin is pitted against Congress’ K V Pusa and Akheu Achumi of Socialist Party (India).

This will be the first time that Nagaland would webcast poll proceedings of 84 stations out of the total 2,059 stations to maintain transparency.

Those polling stations can be viewed live through the CEO Nagaland website.

An electorate of 11,82,948, including 5,82,458 women will cast their votes during the day.


The Outer Manipur Lok Sabha seat, one of the two parliamentary constituencies in the state went to the polls on Wednesday.

A total 10 contestants from BJP, Congress, Trinamool Congress, Naga People’s Front, NCP, JD(U) and Aam Admi Party, besides three independents are in the fray.

The candidates whose fate will be decided today are sitting Congress MP Thangso Baite, Gangmumei Kamei (BJP), C Doungel (NCP), Kim Gangte (TMC), Soso Lorho (Naga People’s Front), L Gangte (JD—U) and M K Zou (AAP).


An electorate of 9,11,699, of whom 4,63,068 are women, will cast their votes in 511 polling booths.

 Voting Begins In Four North East States
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Many Searches Like Malaysia Airlines

By Aglaia Staff

With each day, the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 becomes one of the most baffling mysteries of the modern era, but history offers many great quests in which mankind searched for something or someone lost.

These are epic searches, based on legend or fact, ending successfully, tragically, or sometimes not at all:


The Holy Grail

There are many great biblical searches: Noah’s Ark. The Ark of the Covenant. The Garden of Eden.

But there’s nothing like the Holy Grail.

Indeed, it’s a metaphor for any monumental search.

It’s not clear what the Grail exactly was, but it’s said to be the shallow cup from Jesus Christ’s Last Supper and from his crucifixion, where the vessel took blood flowing from his side. Some believe Joseph of Arimathea brought the Grail to Britain, where it lies hidden.

Not even legendary King Arthur and his knights could find it, though their crusade inspired lore and romance.

The Titanic

RMS Titanic was a British luxury passenger ship that sank in 1912 during its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City. The ocean liner was touted as “unsinkable” — until it met an iceberg in the North Atlantic around midnight on April 14-15, 1912.

About 1,500 of the more than 2,200 people aboard the Titanic died.

For decades, the ship was considered forever lost at the bottom of the ocean — until 1985, when scientists found the wreckage on the seabed. Its story inspired director James Cameron to make the Hollywood tragic love tale “Titanic” in 1997.

Air France 447

A long search for a commercial airliner like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 isn’t unprecedented.

In 2009, Air France Flight 447 plunged into the South Atlantic Ocean during a storm, killing all 228 people aboard.

The precise location of the wreckage remained a mystery for almost two years. Then the plane and its dead were found in a mountain range deep on the ocean floor.

Miniature submersible vehicles retrieved the Flight 447′s voice and flight data recorders. That allowed investigators to blame the crash on a series of errors by the pilots and a failure to react effectively to technical problems.

Jimmy Hoffa

The disappearance of Teamsters leader James Riddle Hoffa remains a subject of relentless speculation and macabre jokes.

He vanished on July 30, 1975, after he stood outside the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Michigan and made a phone call. He was never heard from again.

His name makes news anytime FBI agents and police are seen holding shovels. Lore holds that Hoffa was killed and buried. But where?

Amelia Earhart

The swashbuckling aviatrix and pioneering woman embarked on the first around-the-world flight at the Equator in June 1937.

After completing about two-thirds of the flight, she and navigator Frederick Noonan disappeared after their plane took off from Lae, New Guinea. They were heading to the Pacific Ocean outpost of Howland Island — a distance equaling a transcontinental U.S. flight.

A search never found any trace of her, Noonan or their plane. Some believe they ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea — similar to one theory of what happened to the Malaysia Airlines plane.


In the fourth century B.C., the philosopher Plato spoke of an ancient utopia that existed 9,000 years before, a place called Atlantis.

Made of concentric islands rich with gold, silver and exotic life, Atlantis descended into depravity, Plato said, until earthquakes and tsunamis ultimately destroyed it.

Over time, thinkers and writers began trying to place Atlantis in real countries and lands, even America.

At a minimum, Atlantis lives on in the imagination, thanks to one of Western civilization’s greatest philosophers.

Seven cities of gold

It’s one thing to imagine of a paradise like Atlantis. It’s quite another to actually voyage into a strange new world in search of one.

That’s what the Spanish explorers did in the 1500s, driven by a tall tale told by natives of how the New World held seven cities of gold.

In their lust for wealth, the Spaniards traveled through modern Florida, Texas and Mexico in search of Cibola.

When they arrived in Kansas, they finally quit. They never found the seven lost cities of gold.

Tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony

Cleopatra, the great queen of Egypt, died in 30 B.C. and was buried with her lover, Mark Antony.

The couple’s great passion has been captured in theater and film, thanks to Shakespeare on stage and Elizabeth Taylor in film. But for some adventurers, that’s not enough.

In 2009, flamboyant archeologist Zahi Hawass of Egypt and his colleagues began a new search for Cleopatra’s tomb — “in hopes of removing some of the great mystery that hangs thick around this famous queen,” Hawass wrote in National Geographic.

“Many have searched for the tomb of Alexander the Great, but no one had searched for that missing piece of ancient Egypt’s story — the tomb of Cleopatra, who took her own life rather than surrender her homeland to the Romans,” Hawass wrote. “It occurred to me that we had before us an opportunity to recover the last page in the book of ancient Egyptian civilization, an opportunity we could not pass by.”

So far, he’s had no luck.

Then again, no one has found the tomb of Alexander the Great, either.

Bermuda Triangle

Many ships, planes and people have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, a section of the Atlantic Ocean in a “triangle” marked by the points of Bermuda, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Speculation runs wild on what caused the boats and aircraft to vanish.

Sound familiar? The disappearance of Flight 370 has nothing on the Bermuda Triangle.

Some even blame the triangle disasters on supernatural forces, including influences from lost Atlantis or another time-space dimension.

The U.S. government devotes a page to the Bermuda triangle and rebuts fringe theories. U.S. officials cite hurricanes, sudden storms, the powerful Gulf Stream and shallow Caribbean waters as reasonable explanations for the lost vessels.

“The U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard contend that there are no supernatural explanations for disasters at sea. Their experience suggests that the combined forces of nature and human fallibility outdo even the most incredulous science fiction,” the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says on its website.

“The ocean has always been a mysterious place to humans, and when foul weather or poor navigation is involved, it can be a very deadly place. This is true all over the world.”

By the way, no official mapping exists for triangle’s boundaries, NOAA says.

Life out there

Call them aliens. Call them extraterrestrials.

Call them what you want.

But let’s face it: Don’t we all wonder what’s out there, especially when we launch spacecraft to another planet?

Sure, astronomers study the heavens and find new planets, but what we’re privately searching for is whether we are alone.

Among the organizations advancing this pursuit is the Carl Sagan Center for Study of Life In The Universe, named after the late American astronomer who championed exploration of the cosmos.

“The significance of a finding that there are other beings who share this universe with us would be absolutely phenomenal, it would be an epochal event in human history,” Sagan once declared.



 Many Searches Like Malaysia Airlines
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