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Saudi Woman Cuts Off Tamilian’s Arm

By Aglaia Staff

Saudi Arabian officials have arrested a Saudi woman who chopped off the arm of a 56-year-old maid from Mungileri village near Katpadi in Tamil Nadu.

Officials with the Indian embassy in Riyadh took up the case with Saudi authorities at the highest level after learning that the employer of Kasthuri Munirathnam severed the maid’s right arm after she complained to officials that the family she was working for ill-treated her.

 Saudi Woman Cuts Off Tamilians Arm

Visit English: Dira Square (also known as Chop Chop Square by expats), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Taken by BroadArrow in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Indian diplomats in Saudi Arabia told TOI on Thursday that the Al-Sahafa police in Riyadh initially investigated the case but, because of the heinous nature of the crime, handed over the probe to the General Intelligence Directorate (Al Mukhabarat Al A’amah), the foremost intelligence agency in the kingdom.

Kasthuri was in a critical condition but has stabilised and doctors are treating her in Kingdom Hospital in Riyadh.

Anil Nautiyal, first secretary (labour) at the Indian embassy in Riyadh, said the mission is pursuing the case with the Saudi Arabian ministry of foreign affairs.

Kasthuri’s son Mohan told TOI from Vellore that his mother Kasthuri sustained severe injuries in the attack by the woman of the house, whose name Saudi authorities have withheld.


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Simbu Disses Vishal On Nadigar Sangam Issue

By Aglaia Staff

With the Nadigar Sangam election set to happen in October 18th, actor Simbu thrashed Vishal of the Pandavar Ani yesterday. Speaking at a press conference, Simbu severely in his criticized Vishal. Simbu attacked Vishal saying he blame for the division in the Nadigar Sangam. The young star went on to accuse Vishal of splitting the Nadigar Sangam because of his personal issue with Sarathkumar. Also present at the press conference were Radhikaa, Simbu, Urvashi, Bhagyaraj and his wife Poornima

670px Sheeju iisc Simbu Disses Vishal On Nadigar Sangam Issue

Visit English: Indian Institute of Science, Karnataka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An emotionally angry Simbu said, “I have been in this industry since I was a 9 months old child and I will not tolerate someone new coming in and breaking the cinema family. I won’t be quiet watching all this.

Referring to Vishal’s objection to leasing the Nadigar Sangam building out to SPI cinemas to construct a theatre among others, Simbu questioned if Vishal could make a career in films without theatres. Responding to Vishal’s argument of there are schools in the locality, Simbu asked, “Is theatre a TASMAC (liquor) shop?… If a theatre can’t come up there, what else should be built there? A bar or a club? …Will a true cinema-loving theatre owner ever screen a film of yours tomorrow?”


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Don Zimmer Passes Away

By Aglaia Staff

Don Zimmer, a current Tampa Bay Rays advisor who has spent the last six decades working in professional baseball as a player and coach, died Wednesday after a nearly two-month hospital stay. He was 83.

Zimmer, who has been working with the Rays in a limited-time capacity since 2004, underwent heart surgery in April to fix a leaky valve. Initially expected to only need a couple days of recovery before going home, his body never recouped properly. Topkin reported in late April. that Zimmer needed a ventilator to breathe and his progress was “slow” to do so on his own.

A baseball lifer, Zimmer goes down as one of the most indelible faces in MLB history. Working largely as a reserve infielder, he played 12 big league seasons, starting with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1954. That call-up would start a 60-year relationship with America’s pastime, featuring stops at nearly every corner of the United States.

Zimmer played for the Dodgers, Cubs, Mets, Reds and Washington Senators. Working all over the diamond depending on need, Zimmer enjoyed limited individual success as a player. He made the 1961 All-Star Game but played in over 100 games just four times in his career. He had a career .235 batting average and hit 91 career home runs, with his playing days largely defined by his unquestioned work ethic and willingness to fill whatever role was needed.

Those traits served Zimmer well in his legendary coaching career. 

Starting first in the minor leagues, Zimmer again worked his way up through the system before earning a gig with the Montreal Expos in 1971. He would become a fixture on a major league bench over the next three-plus decades, where he’d become one of the best-traveled coaches in history. 

Zimmer coached or managed nine different franchises, including three different stints with the Yankees and two stops with the Red Sox. Not even the fiercest rivalry in baseball could keep someone as talented as him off a major league bench.

His five-year stint (1976-80) in Boston served as his greatest success as a manager. Zimmer’s teams never made the playoffs, but they were better than .500 every season and he had two campaigns with a .600 winning percentage. It’s possible he would have had a much longer managerial career had the wild card been in play then.

Zimmer’s only playoff appearance as a manager came in 1989 with the Cubs, a season in which he won the Manager of the Year award. Chicago lost to the San Francisco Giants in the NLCS. Overall, Zimmer went 885-858 as the man in charge with the Padres, Red Sox, Rangers and Cubs each giving him a shot.


Where Zimmer found his true calling was being the second in command.

Joe Torre tabbed him for his third and final stint in New York in 1996, and the two became one of the most successful clubhouse pairings of the modern era. Torre and Zimmer helped guide the Yankees to four World Series titles, a dynasty that helped end two decades of futility in the Bronx.

Zimmer also had his greatest moment of infamy in New York. During a bench-clearing brawl between the Yankees and Red Sox in 2003, Zimmer charged at Boston pitcher Pedro Martinez, who promptly threw him to the ground. While many criticized Martinez for his part in the fight, it was a quintessential Zimmer moment. He loved the game to the point where, even at an advanced age, he’d start a fight he had no chance to win in order to protect his players.

Torre is one of the infinite members of baseball royalty who owe gratitude to Zimmer. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Carl Yastrzemski and many others had their lives touched by this great man. 


 Don Zimmer Passes Away
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World Of Literature Mourns Gabriel Garcia Marquez

By Aglaia Staff

The death of Nobel prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez at the age of 87 has attracted world attention and international tributes.


Regarded as one of the greatest writers in the Spanish-language, he was best known for his masterpiece, “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

His books were read by everyone from presidents to youngsters and with his unique blend of magic and realism they became popular around the world.

President Obama said the world had lost “one of its greatest visionary writers” while former US President Bill Clinton called him “a man with a unique gift of imagination and emotional honesty”.

Among his other works were “Love in the Time of Cholera” and “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”.

The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, a one-time friend but after a punch outside a cinema they started one of literatures most talked-about feuds, said:

“A great writer had died, whose work gave great diffusion and prestige to the literature of the Spanish language. His novels will survive him and will continue to win over readers everywhere.”

Colombian by birth he was last seen in public on his birthday at his home in Mexico. He died there after several years of ill health.


 World Of Literature Mourns Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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Narendra Modi’ji’: Nilekani’s Aadhar A Political Gimmick

By Aglaia Staff

In a pertinent point raised by the honorable BJP prime ministerial candidate ; Narendra Modi on Tuesday subjected Infosys  co-founder Nandan Nilekani to a prolonged attack over the unique identity card, Aadhaar, to boost the prospects of his party colleague Ananth Kumar facing an uphill task to retain his Bangalore South seat.

Congress finds itself in such a bad shape today that it has fielded a man worth thousands of crores of wealth, but with no aadhaar (credentials) whatsoever for himself,” the Gujarat chief minister said at a BJP rally near Electronic City in the Bangalore South constituency.

BJP had strategically chosen the venue to take its fight to the IT heartland of Electronic City — which is home to a number of IT companies, including Infosys, the firm Nilekani co-founded.

The party, unsure of which direction the votes of IT professionals swing, brought Modi into their midst to speak at length on Aadhaar, ‘sluggish’ IT exports and ‘governance deficit’.

Kumar has been under incessant onslaught from Nilekani, who spares no opportunity to call him an ‘absentee’ MP with scant respect for his constituency. In his Hindi speech, Modi wondered whether Aadhaar made any sense and said Congress was unable to convince even the Supreme Court which has been pulling up In his Hindi speech, Modi wondered whether Aadhaar made any sense and said Congress was unable to convince even the Supreme Court which has been pulling up the government over the project. “It is a political gimmick with no vision,” Modi alleged.

He said he had raised many questions on Aadhaar from the security point of view on how it would enrol people in border areas and how illegal immigrants would be prevented from securing a card. “The people who thought of themselves as having giv

as having given birth to IT in this country refused to listen to a common man like me. Even the SC has demanded answers,” Modi said and alleged the Aadhaar programme was a bundle of lies in whose name the treasury was looted.

A day after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi claimed credit for his party for developing Bangalore into an information technology hub, Modi sought credit for the NDA regime under Atal Bihari Vajpayee for bringing a comprehensive IT law, which he said boosted

IT exports.

When NDA ruled the country, the country registered 40% growth in annual IT exports, but the same sank to 30% during the first five years of the UPA regime, and to 9% during UPA-II.

“I have come to the land of IT. Please tell me how you will explain this,” Narendra Modi said.






 Narendra Modiji: Nilekanis Aadhar A Political Gimmick
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The SDM Is Right: Rahul No Son of Amethi

By Aglaia Staff

Rahul Gandhi is once again making news for all the wrong reasons. The latest gaffe is the embarrassing rejection of his application seeking proof of residence in Amethi. The sub-divisional magistrate damningly declared that the Gandhi scion didn’t qualify even as an “occasional resident” of the constituency.

Harsh words, perhaps, but not far off the mark. Here are five signs why Amethi is really Rahul Gandhi’s step-matra bhoomi. One, the no-to-MNREGA constituency. During each one of his campaign rallies, Rahul likes to tout the virtues of UPA’s flagship program and the many benefits it has showered on the citizens of India — but not apparently, the citizens of Amethi.

350px Rahulgandhi The SDM Is Right: Rahul No Son of Amethi

Visit English: , from a photograph showing a meeting between , , and Rahul. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

lthough there are 2,37,853 job card holders in Amethi and 84,734 families have got jobs under the scheme in 2012-13, only 1,250 families have got 100 days of work, according to a report of the rural development ministry of the Union government. The scheme promises 100 days of job in a year to its beneficiaries. The state government has spent about 76 per cent of the total fund sanctioned under the scheme in 2012-13, but in Amethi only 50 per cent of the fund has been utilised. The total budget for the job guarantee scheme for Amethi in 2012-13 was Rs 56 crore.

Ouch! Surely, any MP would first implement his pet project in his own constituency before spreading the love elsewhere. A priority that apparently didn’t occur to Rahul Gandhi. Two, worst performer in RTE. Rahul also did not find the time to ensure the implementation of that other pet UPA project in his constituency. According to Times of India, only 1 percent of schools in Amethi comply with the Right to Education Act, which is the lowest in a state that is already one of the worst laggards in legislating the new norms. Rahul apparently is all for universal access to education, except in Amethi. Three, Amethi’s road to nowhere. Unlike Narendra Modi‘s home state, there is no debate about the level of development in Rahul’s home base. Everyone, including its residents, agree: there is none. So abysmal is its state that even Congress insiders worry  that the natives may finally be getting restless: “Kumar Vishwas‘ charge that he sees no real development despite Rahul Gandhi’s claims of spending Rs.55,000 crore here is lapped up,” a party source told IANS.

There have also been street protests against a grim power scenario and poor roads in the Munshiganj, Injauna, Jagdishpur and Gauriganj areas. The Congress fears that slogans of “road nahin to vote nahin’ (no roads, no votes) that echoed in Karaundi village in Amethi earlier could revive. Four, no Congress bastion here.

Sure, Rahul Gandhi secured 71 percent of all votes in the last Lok Sabha election. But just three years later, Congress lost three out of the five assembly seats in Amethi. An MP who can’t deliver his own constituency must have a weak relationship with it, indeed. Let’s just say Rahul is less lion and more Bambi of Amethi.

Five, Who me? Represent Amethi?? A recent performance rating of Members of Parliament released by India Today ranked Rahul at the very bottom of the pile, or as the publication put it: “Among all Congress MPs, Rahul has the fifth worst report card and is placed 17th from the bottom in the overall MP rankings.” The reason for his failing grades: All through the five years of the 15th Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi did not ask a single question in Parliament. He attended only 42.61 percent of the sittings of the Lok Sabha. His attendance record in the standing committees of which he is a member is an abysmal 13.64 percent. Rahul has spent only 53.68 per cent of the MPLADS funds allocated to him. Even the respondents who were polled by ADR in Amethi have a very poor impression of the development work that has been done in the constituency. The Amethi MP has a perception rating of only 5.58 out of 10. Maybe that missing proof of residence isn’t all that surprising after all.


 The SDM Is Right: Rahul No Son of Amethi
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Stephen Hawking: In 50 Years We’ll Be Living On The Moon

By Aglaia Staff

 I can just imagine the ads.

One-hundred-twenty-year-old Richard Branson would like you to be one of the first to live in the Virgin Moon Residences.

There will be three Virgin Galactic (or perhaps Virgin Lunartic) flights there daily and the residences will be all-inclusive properties with the option of timeshares. They will even have their own mayor: a still-gray Newt Gingrich.


Is my brain suddenly marble-free? No, I’ve been reading the latest predictions from Stephen Hawking.

As the Daily Mail reports, the famed physicist was speaking Sunday night on UK TV in a program called “Live From Space”. His predictions were optimistic, in a pessimistic sort of way.

He said: “Our planet is an old world, threatened with an ever-expanding population and finite resources. We must anticipate these threats and have a plan B.”

Plan B is really Plan M. He said: “Within 50 years, I have no doubt there will be settlements on the moon.”

This view rather echoes that of Newt Gingrich.

When trying to show he was far more progressive than Mitt Romney during the 2012 Republican nomination contest, Gingrich suggested there would be a moon colony during the second term of his presidency.

Some might think this was looking at progress through rose-tinted Google Glass.

I can’t imagine life on the moon being all that much fun. Indeed, Sandra Bullock didn’t seem to have too much entertainment merely floating in space.

If living on the moon will be our only option because, as Hawking suggested, the Earth doesn’t have the resources for so many humans, the life of the future doesn’t seem too attractive.

Moreover, it’s still unresolved whether other beings might be living on the moon or wishing us ill. It was Hawking himself who warned not too long ago that aliens might hate us and feel ill-disposed toward our dissolute ways.

Technology surely has to make rapid advances for humanity to adjust to any new world. Still, Hawking believes that this century will be “the true Space Age.”

What might this entail? Hawking said: “By the end of the century, I truly hope humans will be living on Mars.”

I truly hope humans have the best of luck with that.


 Stephen Hawking: In 50 Years Well Be Living On The Moon
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Indian-Origin Engineers Create Device For Wireless Technology

By Aglaia Staff

Using an inexpensive Rs 3,600 inkjet printer, two Indian-origin electrical engineers at the University of Utah have for the first time produced microscopic structures that use light in metals to carry information.


This new technique, which controls electrical conductivity within such micro-structures, could be used to rapidly fabricate superfast components in electronic devices — making wireless technology faster for printing magnetic materials.


A recently discovered technology called plasmonics marries the best aspects of optical and electronic data transfer. By crowding light into metal structures with dimensions far smaller than its wavelength, data can be transmitted at much higher frequencies such as terahertz frequencies.


“Very little well developed technology exists to create terahertz plasmonic devices, which have the potential to make wireless devices such as Bluetooth — which operates at 2.4 gigahertz frequency — 1,000 times faster than they are today,” explained Ajay Nahata, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and senior author.


Using a commercially available inkjet printer and two different colour cartridges filled with silver and carbon ink, Nahata and his colleague Barun Gupta printed 10 different plasmonic structures with a periodic array of 2,500 holes with different sizes and spacing on a 2.5-inch-by-2.5 inch plastic sheet.


“Because we can draw and print these structures exactly as we want them, our technique lets you make rapid changes to the plasmonic properties of the metal, without the million dollar instrumentation typically used to fabricate these structures,” Nahata added.


Depending on the relative amounts of silver and carbon ink used, the researchers could control the plasmonic array’s electrical conductivity or how efficient it was in carrying an electrical current.


Plasmonic arrays are currently made using micro-fabrication techniques that require expensive equipment and manufacture only one array at a time. Until now, controlling conductivity in these arrays has proven extremely difficult for researchers.


Nahata and Gupta used terahertz imaging to measure the effect of printed plasmonic arrays on a beam of light. When light with terahertz frequency is directed at a periodic array of holes in a metal layer, it can result in resonance — a fundamental property best illustrated by a champagne flute shattering when it encounters a musical tone of the right pitch.


According to Nahata, with this new printing technique, “We have an extra level of control over both the transmission of light and electrical conductivity in these devices”. You can now design structures with as many different variations as the printer can produce, he added in a study that appeared in the journal Advanced Optical Materials


These faster plasmonic arrays could prove useful for wireless devices and printing magnetic materials for greater functionality in different devices.


 Indian Origin Engineers Create Device For Wireless Technology
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Xbox One Price Cut In The U.K.

By Aglaia Staff

From Friday February 28 the Xbox One will be reduced from £429 on its own to £399 with a copy of eagerly anticipated first person shooter Titanfall.

The console was previously £70 times more expensive than the PS4, which has an RRP of £349.

Since the PS4 and Xbox One were launched in Europe and America last November Sony‘s console has strongly outperformed its Microsoft rival.

The PS4 has shifted 5.3 million units worldwide compared to 3.9m Xbox One consoles sold across the globe.

Harvey Eagle, marketing director at Microsoft Xbox UK, said: “This is about giving UK gamers the best value that we can. 

“We’ve already seen that Xbox and PlayStation will both be commercially successful devices. We see this as a marathon, not a sprint.”

The price cut will only apply to the UK. In America the Xbox One is on sale for $499 (£300). 

Britain is the second-biggest market for the Xbox One after the US.

Seth Barton, editor of Expert Reviews, said the price cut was a “canny move” by the company co-founded by Bill Gates.

He said: “By knocking £30 off and adding a game into the bundle, Microsoft have destroyed the price differential with Sony, without having to drop their RRP. 

“They can now sit back and wait to see how well it does, and if it does very well, they can add another game into the deal.”

Titanfall has been developed exclusively for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PCs by one of the makers of the best-selling Call of Duty franchise. 

Mr Barton added: “I don’t think it’s in either company’s interest to launch a price war at this point in time. 

“According to Chart-Track, the Xbox One was selling 1.5 less consoles than the PS4 in the first three months since launching. 

“So they were obviously on the back foot and the price was hurting them.”"The only problem is that it is likely to annoy lots of people who have already bought an Xbox One, and a lot of them did so because they wanted Titanfall.

“It is the most anticipated game in all existence right now.”

The PS4 has outsold the Xbox One despite having more demand than supply.

The console have been like gold dust with many shops quickly selling out of PS4 units.

Last week PlayStation UK Managing Director Fergal Gara has said those looking to buy a PS4 should not expect to find one easily available until April.

Speaking to MCV, Mr Gara said: “I can’t work it out precisely. But based on what I’ve seen so far, I think it is going to be tricky until around about April.

“You might get a fortnight or a week here or there where it is more available, but we should be back to free supply by about April.

“That’s our best guess. It might be a little earlier than that, or it might be a little later. But we’ll get there.”


 Xbox One Price Cut In The U.K.
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So Yi Hyun And Kim Hyung Joon Deny Relationship Rumor

By Aglaia Staff


Actress So Yi Hyun (29) and actor and singer Kim Hyung Joon (26) of the idol group SS501 denied the relationship rumor. So Yi Hyun’s agency Key East Entertainment said in an interview in the morning of March 3, 2014, “The two met while filming a KBS drama together. They are still good friends, and So Yi Hyun is currently not seeing anybody.”


Kim Hyung Joon’s agency Yes Plus Entertainment said in an interview, “Kim Hyung Joon is close to So Yi Hyun but the two are not going out. A news article reported earlier that they have been going out, broke up, and are going out again, but this was proved to be a false report. Kim Hyung Joon and So Yi Hyun are both very outgoing, and are good friends.”


350px KoreAm 2009 04 Cover So Yi Hyun And Kim Hyung Joon Deny Relationship Rumor

Visit English: Magazine cover of KoreAm from April 2009; Jamie Chung and Park Joon Hyung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Previously, a news article reported that So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Joon have been seeing each other over a year after getting to know each other in the KBS drama.


In related news, So Yi Hyun has been casted to play a role in the new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama “Three Days,” and Kim Hyung Joon is currently starring in the KBS 1 TV everyday drama “Love Rides The Melody.”




 So Yi Hyun And Kim Hyung Joon Deny Relationship Rumor
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