Paris Attacks Mastermind Dead

By Aglaia Staff

The suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, has been identified as one of those killed in a raid in Saint Denis, the Paris prosecutor says.

His body was found riddled with bullets and shrapnel in an apartment in the northern Paris suburb on Wednesday.

670px Porte Saint Denis 01 Paris Attacks Mastermind Dead

Visit Porte Saint-Denis in Paris, from the South. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Belgian national, 27, was identified from his fingerprints.

Friday’s gun and suicide bomb attacks in the French capital left 129 people dead and hundreds injured.

Eight people were arrested and at least two killed in the raid on the property in Saint Denis.

Heavily armed police stormed the building after a tip-off that Abaaoud was in Paris.

A woman at the flat – reported in French media to be Abaaoud’s cousin – blew herself up during the raid.

Investigators are still looking for Salah Abdeslam, who is believed to have travelled to Belgium after the attacks on Friday night.

He was high on French and Belgian wanted lists and yet managed to travel from Syria to the heart of Paris without ever leaving a trace.


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Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear Slain

By Aglaia Staff

Monica Spear, a popular soap-opera actress and former Miss Venezuela, and her ex-husband were shot and killed in the mountains of western Venezuela. Their young daughter was wounded in the incident, during which the couple had resisted robbers by locking the doors of their broken-down car. The slayings have called attention to the rampant violent crime in the oil-rich country.

Police have launched a investigation into the killing, which happened on the highway leading from Valencia to Puerto Cabello.


Ms Spear and Mr Berry were travelling at night from the city of Merida to the capital, Caracas, when they hit a sharp object “placed on the road”, according to Venezuela’s investigative police chief Jose Gregorio Sierralta.

At least two of the four tyres were punctured, he said.

The couple and their daughter waited for about 45 minutes for breakdown assistance, reported El Universal newspaper.

The car was about to be towed away when a group of five people approached and ordered them to stop.

The couple and their daughter reportedly ran back and hid inside the car but were shot at by the gang.

Ms Spear and Mr Berry died instantly. Their daughter, Maya, was shot in the leg.

‘Iron fist’

Initial reports said Mr Berry was Irish. But the British Foreign Office has now confirmed he was a British national, who reportedly moved to Venezuela as a child.

The couple lived in the United States and were in Venezuela on holiday.

Venezuela has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Armed robberies and kidnappings are not unusual, but the death of Ms Spear has had huge impact in the country.

President Nicolas Maduro has promised to respond with “an iron fist” to those who continue to attack the Venezuelan people.

He expressed his condolences and said: “We were evaluating the cruelty with which the suspects acted. Violence is an evil that we have.”

He added: “There will be no tolerance to those who carry out acts like that, killing decent men and women, who have a right to live.”

The opposition leader and defeated presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles, posted a message on his Twitter account calling for a nationwide drive against violence.

“Nicolas Maduro, I suggest we put aside our deep differences and get together to fight the lack of security, as one bloc,” he wrote.

Hours later, Mr Maduro invited Mr Capriles to join all state governors and the mayors of the 79 municipalities for an emergency meeting later today.


 Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear Slain
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James Holmes May Have Sent Notebook

By Sunil Kumar

According to sources, accused movie theater shooter James Holmes may have mailed a notebook to his school detailing his plans to carry out a massacre.

The notebook believed to have been written by Holmes was mailed to the University of Colorado, where Holmes had been a student until dropping out last month, news portals indicate.

There are reports that the notebook was mailed to a specific psychiatrist at the university and that it contained “full details about how he was going to kill people, drawings of what he was going to do in it, and drawings and illustrations of the massacre.”

There are conflicting reports on whether the notebook arrived at the university before or after the massacre, but it was found on Monday during a search of the mailroom.

Holmes is believed to have walked into the Aurora, Colo., theater dressed in riot gear, brandishing at least three weapons at the front of “The Dark Knight Rises” movie premiere around midnight on Friday. He allegedly set off two smoke bombs before opening fire on the movie theater patrons with an assault rifle, shotgun and a handgun.

Sources indicate that twelve people died and 58 were wounded in the carnage.

150x117 James Holmes May Have Sent Notebook


 James Holmes May Have Sent Notebook
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Gautam Vora Arrested in Tikku Murder Case

murder scene 225x300 Gautam Vora Arrested in Tikku Murder Case


By Sunil Kumar

Mumbai based stock broker Gautam Vora was arrested by the Mumbai crime branch on Monday in Arun Tikku’s murder case. Arun was the father of actor Anuj Tikku.

Gautam Vora has been accused of helping Vijay Palande, the main accused in the murder.Vora had earlier made headlines when model Viveka Babaji had committed suicide in 2010. He was apparently dating the model. Palande is also the prime accused in other cases.

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