By Aglaia Staff

Britney Spears edged closer to the debut of her two-year Las Vegas residency show - Britney: Piece of Me - with a thundering invitation-only preview atPlanet Hollywood‘s The Axis theater Thursday.

In an 85-minute run-through for casino industry workers, the 32-year-old pop siren set the stage for Friday‘s official debut by blasting through nearly two-dozen songs with ferocious intensity, making full use of a 100-foot stage, some 60 video projectors and incessant costume changes.

Typical of the extravaganza was Spears’ rendition ofToxic, which found her leaping off a massive tree into thin air (thanks to wires) while surrounded by dancers dressed like creatures straight out ofAvatar (who writhed around in a veil of falling raindrops).

A contrasting moment was provided by the singer’s more simple treatment of Me Against the Music, featuring Spears in silhouette with a fedora on her head, a deliberate tip of the hat toThriller-era Michael Jackson.

Thursday’s crowd was deliberately young and hip, but there’s a good bet Piece of Mecould open up a new genre of Las Vegas residency, one aimed at a decidedly younger club-going clique. Friday’s opening will tell more; stay with USA TODAY for a full report, as well as an interview with Spears.



 Britney Spears thunders through Piece of Me preview
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