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Before diving into a review of Bonnie & Clyde – which began its two-night premiere Dec. 8 on Lifetime, A&E and the History channel — we think it’s important to get one thing straight: This TV event is, by no means, an attempt to outdo Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway‘s original 1967 film. It’s merely meant to introduce the infamous outlaws’ story to the next generation in a new, exciting way.


‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Review

Our favorite casting choice, Emile Hirsch, is the perfect Clyde Barrow for a 2013 audience. The 28-year-old fuses his trademark boyish charm with the real-life criminal’s ruthlessness, resulting in a fully-realized character, whom new viewers can be more sympathetic to than they probably anticipated.

British actress Holliday Grainger, whom we still remember fondly as The Borgias‘ Lucrezia, was also an inspired casting choice. Her Bonnie Parker is fiery, fearless, and like Emile’s Clyde, strangely compelling.

In 2009, when a different Bonnie & Clyde movie was in pre-production, Faye famously slammed the decision to cast Hilary Duff in the titular female role — she asked, “Couldn’t they at least cast a real actress?” — but we think Miz Dunaway will be much more pleased with Holliday’s performance.

And with additional stand-out performances from stars like Holly HunterWilliam HurtTwilight‘s Elizabeth Reaser and Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland, there’s plenty to love about Bonnie & Clyde – even when the gun-toting duo isn’t raising hell.

Is Bonnie & Clyde perfect? No. Does it leave plenty of room for improvement? Sure. But is it, at heart, a solid way to pass a few hours and lift us out of our wintery chill? Absolutely.


 Bonnie And Clyde Review: New TV Series Revives Outlaws
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